Stefan Mack

Homeless people display rare creativity by building village under bridge, it has clinic facility
Some homeless people in Oakland, California, have displayed creativity by building a village for themselves under a bridge. The village is called Cob on Wood.
20 killed as violent clashes over Jerusalem leads to rockets, airstrikes
Twenty people, including 9 children were killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, amid violent clashes over Jerusalem, Palestinian health officials have confirmed.
Man who is into poultry farming showcases his hustle, wows social media with his success
A man identified on Twitter as @_DrOMO14 took to the platform to inspire others by sharing photos of his poultry farm in which he has many healthy broilers.
22-year-old lady who bagged first class and distinction from 2 foreign universities builds apps
A 22-year-old Nigerian, Hauwa Ibrahim Aminu, said she hopes for a future where her applications would be commercially used. Many people online celebrated her.