Sho Madjozi

Sho Madjozi performs in Tanzania, doesn't let the rain stop her
Sho Madjozi was in Tanzania at a live performance when the weather took a turn and it began to rain. The star would not let that stop her and continued jamming.
Too cute: Sho Madjozi says her team is just like family
Sho Madjozi has taken to social media to show love and appreciation to her crew. The rapper posted a picture of her gang and said that they were like family.
Aiitch: Sho Madjozi shares cute video dancing in Tanzania
Sho Madjozi is living her best life in Tanzania. The bubbly muso recently performed a concert in the country. Enjoy yourself babes, we wish we could join you.
Sho Madjozi performs in Tanzania, sparks concern over Covid regulations
Sho Madjozi rattled a few South Africans when she posted videos of herself performing in Tanzania. Many were worried that she was not following Covid rules.