180+ cool Spanish male names and meanings for a baby boy

180+ cool Spanish male names and meanings for a baby boy

With over 489 million native speakers, Spanish is the world’s fourth most spoken language. It is no wonder that Spanish male names are so popular worldwide. So, if you are a parent of Hispanic descent looking to pass down a family name or would like a unique first or middle name, these appealing options will help you make the perfect decision.

Spanish male names
A father holding his baby up in the air. Photo: Jordi Salas
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Did you know most Spanish male names originate from religion, history and literature? Before naming your child, it is vital to understand the name’s meaning, as this may reflect your kid’s personality. This list of Spanish names for your baby boy will help you through the daunting process of settling for a name for him.

Amazing Spanish male names for your baby boy

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is one of the most challenging decisions you must make on your journey to parenthood. Below is a compilation of Spanish male names and their meaning if you want something classic and unique.

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Unique Spanish male names

Most names come with a unique meaning that you must always check to ensure your choice is the most appropriate. Luckily, there are enough Spanish names out there for your baby boy.

  • Delmar: From the sea
  • Adrián: Sea or water
  • Everardo: Crown
  • Gaspard: Treasure
  • Timeo: Honouring God
  • Feliciano: Happy
  • Umberto: Bright fighter
  • Yanik: God is gracious
  • Alfonso: Eager for battle
  • Brȧulio: Shining
  • Rogelio: Petition request
  • Figueroa: Fig tree
  • Tabor: One who plays a small drum
  • Sacha: Helper of mankind
  • Osias: My strength comes from the Lord
  • Naȅl: The successful one
  • Guillermo: Protector
  • Hernan: Spiritual traveller or peaceful and brave
  • Ezequiel: God strengthens
  • Eberardo: Courageous like a boar
  • Eliot: The Lord is my God
  • Énaël: Angel
  • Mason: Stone worker
  • Santos: Saint
  • Lisandro: The liberator
  • Renato: Reborn
  • Sierra: Saw-tooth mountain range
  • Teo: God
  • Porfirio: Purple
  • Rufo: Red-haired
  • Sydney: Wide meadow
  • Thomas: Twin
  • Eric: Eternal ruler
  • Frederico: Peaceful ruler
  • Frascuelo: Free
  • Saturno: Sowing seeds
  • Toro: Bull-like
  • Veto: Intelligent
  • Yomaris: I am the sun
  • Ademar: Famous and strong
  • Bolivar: Mill on the shore
  • Adrián: Sea or water
  • Chilo: A free man
  • Gabriel: God is my strength
  • Jonay: Prince of fire
  • Nauzet: Thinker
  • Alvino: Fair
  • Amias: Beloved
  • Placido: Calm
  • Vasco: Raven, crow
  • Biel: God is my strength
  • Eloi: The chosen
  • Paco: Free
  • Cid: God’s rooster
  • Jesús: God’s son
  • Arrio: War-like
  • Marino: Rendered to Mars
  • Xener: Owns a new house
  • Teodoro: God’s present

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A baby sleeping
A newborn baby in his crib. Photo: Antonio Garcia Recena
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Old Spanish male names

Trawling through pages and pages of baby names can be time-consuming. It is especially pressuring when that bump is growing every day. Here is a list of some classic yet interesting Spanish male first names.

  • Alejandro: The people’s defender
  • Jeronimo: Holy name
  • Antonio: Priceless or beyond praise
  • Manuel: God is with us
  • Ignacio: Fire
  • Andres: Brave
  • Mateo/ Matthėo: Gift of God
  • Lorenzo: City of laurels
  • Benjamin: Son of the South
  • Hugo: A person of great intellect
  • Luis: Famous warrior
  • Sargio: A servant
  • Dany: God is my judge
  • Pedro: Stone or strong like a rock
  • Jorge: Farmer
  • Jack: God is gracious
  • Gustavo: Royal staff
  • Carlos: A free man
  • Juan: God is gracious
  • David: Beloved
  • Leo/ León: Lion
  • José Luis: God will increase or fame in war
  • Carlito: A free man
  • Beinvenido: Welcome
  • Aldo: Extremely old
  • Nazario: Nazareth native
  • Nicky: Victorious people
  • Roberto: Brilliant flame
  • Checha: Hairy

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A father holding his son in the air
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Short, unique Spanish boy names

Do you want to give your little bundle of joy an uncommon Spanish name to make him stand out in the playground? We have combined some of the most unique monikers.

  • Iván: Young warrior
  • Aurelius: Golden
  • Salvadore/ Salvatore: Savior
  • Ambrosio: Eternal or indestructible
  • Adelmo: Persistent and strong
  • Fernando: Courageous adventurer or journey
  • Leopoldo: A bold man
  • Milo: A few different things
  • Oliver: Olive tree planter
  • Rodolfo: Legendary wolf
  • Lucas: Light-bearer
  • Delmar: From the sea
  • Emiliano: Work
  • Marc: Warrior
  • Max: The greatest
  • Rio: River
  • Sacha: Mankind’s helper
  • Thiago: May God protect
  • Tulio: Leader
  • Ugo: Intelligent one
  • Pablo: The humble one
  • Oscar: God’s spear or a deer lover
  • Levi: Joined in harmony
  • Ethan: Strong one
  • Daniel: God is my judge
  • Dilan: Son of the sea
  • Finn: One who is fair or just
  • Kaiden: Companion
  • Dario: Possessing goodness
  • Silvio: From the woods
  • Yanik: God is gracious
  • Raphael: God has healed
  • Romeo: From Rome
  • Domingo: The Lord’s child

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A baby sleeping
Feet of a baby while sleeping. Photo: Jon Vallejo
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Elegant Spanish boy names

Spanish monikers have a natural charisma, but if you want to make sure your child’s name speaks elegance, consider these Hispanic boy names for your little niño.

  • Anselmo: Divine helmet
  • Samuel: God has heard
  • Tito: Giant
  • Taurion: The star sign Taurus
  • Aarón: Mountain of strength
  • Julio: Soft-haired youth
  • Andrés: Warrior
  • Rejinaldo: Wise ruler
  • Belisario: Swordsman
  • Gutierre: Ruler
  • Rodas: Roses
  • Lasaro: God is my helper
  • Maël: Prince
  • Isac: God will laugh
  • Gonzalo: Safe flight
  • Milán: The loving one
  • Lalla: Well-spoken
  • Ramona: Wise protector
  • Vicente: Victorious
  • Leandro: Lion man
  • Enrique: Home ruler
  • Ramon: Protected counsel
  • Cortez: Courteous
  • Noé: Rest
  • Manolo: God with us
  • Robin: The bright one
  • Timo: The one who honours God
  • Armando: Soldier
  • Salvador: Saviour
  • Javier: A new home
  • Macario: The cheerful or happy one
  • Emilio: Challenger or one fit for war
  • Conrado: An able counsel
  • Arturo: Noble or courageous
  • Prospero: According to one’s wishes
  • Nathanaȅl: Gift from God
  • Gaël: Good leader
  • Eduardo: Wealthy guardian

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A newborn baby sleeping
A baby sleeping in a crib. Photo: Cavan Images
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Popular Spanish boy names

Throughout Central America, Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico, you will find a Spanish culture rich in diversity, tradition and intriguing boy names. Check them out:

  • Che: God will increase
  • Eugenio: Of noble descent
  • Gregorio: Awake or watchful
  • Rodrigo: Renowned ruler
  • Elias: Miracle maker Elijah
  • Tuto: Righteous
  • Segundo: Second-born
  • Octavio: The eighth one
  • Micah: One who is like God
  • Manfredo: Powerful peace
  • Lucio: Light of the day
  • Gabino: God is my strength
  • Gilberto: Bright one
  • Kylian: A small church
  • Iván: Young warrior
  • Izador: Present from Isis
  • Celso: The holy one
  • Bonito: The good one
  • Benito: Farmer’s son
  • Alexander: Protector of men
  • Godofredo: Friend of God
  • Noel: Birth or Christmas
  • Ernesto: Serious-minded
  • Chanti: Supplanter
  • Amancio: Loving
  • Generosb: Generous
  • Francisoc: Free
  • Félix: Lucky
  • Agustin: Grandeur
  • Estefan: Crowned in victory
  • Cochiti: Forgotten
  • Benjamin: Son of the South
  • Adoncia: Sweet
  • Bertin: Famous bearer
  • Cornelio: Horn
  • Félix: Lucky
  • Adalberto: Bright and aristocratic
  • Martin: Warring
  • Nevada: Covered in snow

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A newborn baby in mother's arms
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What is a good Spanish name for a boy?

A good name for your little prince is one you like and has an excellent or positive meaning. Nonetheless, ensure it is easy to pronounce.

What are rare Hispanic boy names?

Clemente, Crisóstomo, Cebrián and Eberardo are some of the rarest Mexican male names. Although all these monikers have different meanings, they will surely grab people’s attention when mentioned.

What is the most popular male name in Spain?

Manuel, Lucas, Pablo, Daniel and Alejandro are good examples of famous names that still carry the Spanish banner proudly. They are great representatives of the vibrant Hispanic culture.

With their lilting cadence and beautiful spelling, Spanish boy names can make the perfect choice for your baby's first name. Whether you want to celebrate the Hispanic culture or wish for a unique name for your little one, this list has something for everyone!

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