Sherry Cleckler's love affair: Here is the untold story

Sherry Cleckler's love affair: Here is the untold story

The Texas murder case's adaptation into TV series like Hulu's Candy and HBO Max's Love & Death has sparked heightened interest in the real-life figures. The series is based on the true-life criminal case of Candy Montgomery, who murdered Betty Gore. However, the perpetrator received support during the trial from her husband and close confidante, Sherry Cleckler. So, what truly transpired?

Sherry Cleckler
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Candy is a regular American church-going homemaker who became a murderer because of an extramarital love affair. Shockingly, she was acquitted despite being found guilty, causing an uproar in the Texas community and the country at large. This 80s crime story showcases love, genuine and fake friendship, lies, and sexual immorality.

Sherry Cleckler's profile summary and bio

Full nameSherry Cleckler
Date of birth1940s or 1950s
Age70s (as of 2023
Place of birthTexas, United States of America
Marital statusMarried

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Who is Sherry Cleckler?

Much information is unknown about her background or family. But then, Sherry Cleckler's age is believed to be the early 70s. She was born during the 1940s or 1950s in Texas, United States of America.

Sherry Cleckler's Love and Death role

In the crime series Love and Death, Breaking Bad actress Krysten Ritter played Sherry. In her role, she was Candy's best friend, ally, and confidante. The ladies were part of the church choir and could tell each other's secrets. They went clubbing as married women and were former business partners who co-launched a decorating brand named The Cover Girls.

Sherry Cleckler's real life was said to be aware of Candy's extramarital affair with Betty's husband, Allan Gore. Candy told her of her physical attraction to the married man and also the reasons why they later separated. She also supported and defended her friend during the murder trial.

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Who else did Candy sleep with?

Reports point out that Candy was also sleeping with Sherry Cleckler's husband. During her trial, Candy was asked if she had slept with another person, and she agreed that after separating from Allan, she had another fling.

However, she refused to call his name, stating she did not want to destroy the person's family. Sherry and Candy's husband, Pat, were disappointed in her and concluded it was Sherry's partner.

did cand's husband leave her?
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Did Candy's husband leave her?

They got divorced in 1986 after Candy was released and when they moved to Georgia for a new life. But then, he stood by and defended her during her trials despite knowing she was guilty of infidelity and murder.

What happened to Betty Gore's children?

After Betty's death, Allan quickly left Wylie and married Elaine Clift. She became a nasty stepmother to Allan's daughters, Alisa and Bethany. The couple later divorced, but he lost custody of his kids. They were adopted by Betty's parents, Bertha and Bob Pomeroy, in 1988 and grew up in Norwich, Kansas.

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Which is better, Candy or Love and Death?

Many people prefer Love and Death to Candy because it portrays more of the true life story. Candy is a 2022 miniseries of Candy Montgomery's story and testament dramatised in five episodes on Hulu. It also portrays the true life story but misrepresents the role of some of the real-life characters.

Love and Death is the true life miniseries introduced by HBO Max in April 2022. The series is adapted from a 1984 book, Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs. It also takes inspiration from the Texas Monthly articles. This series represents more accurate information about the murder story and its characters.

How accurate is Love and Death?

It is somewhat accurate and close to the real-life events that occurred in the brutal murder of Betty Gore. The series, as well as the true story, was set in Texas. The story begins with Candy, who married Pat Montgomery in the early 1970s. Candy became a full-time homemaker, and the family later moved to the suburbs of Wylie, Texas.

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She was a devoted churchgoer who participated in church activities. She met Betty, a 30-year-old school teacher, at the First United Methodist Church of Lucas, and they became close friends, including their family members. However, in 1978, during a church volleyball game, Allan and Candy began flirting with each other despite being married to different partners.

During Allan's testimony in court, he revealed he and Candy frequently met at a hotel in Plano, Texas. He also said they dated for ten months, during which his wife gave birth. The two of them later called their extramarital affair quit in December 1979.

sherry cleckler now
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Tragedy struck when Allan was on a business trip. Candy went to his house to pick up his daughters for swimming classes, and then Betty confronted her about her relationship with her husband. According to Candy's statement, Betty took an axe to hit her, but she defended herself by taking it from her forcefully and brutally killing her.

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Betty was found dead in her house. Her head and half body were concealed under the freezer when neighbours arrived at the scene. During investigations, bloody footprints were seen, which pointed to Candy. She was tried in court for murder in October 1980 but later acquitted.

Where is Sherry Cleckler now?

She reportedly enjoys her life somewhere with her husband and possibly children. Candy, on the other hand, now bears Candy Wheeler. She is a mental health counsellor in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Sherry Cleckler is the epitome of a friend in need is a friend indeed. She stood by her best friend despite all odds. Even when she hinted at Candy having an affair with her husband, she was with her friend till her release. She remains a big part of this crime story in American history.

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