“It’s a Lifesaver”: Woman Shares Affordable and Natural Hack for Dark Inner Thighs, SA Intrigued

“It’s a Lifesaver”: Woman Shares Affordable and Natural Hack for Dark Inner Thighs, SA Intrigued

  • A woman known for sharing skincare hacks shared a way to get rid of dark inner thighs
  • The lady used two ingredients and mixed them to form a paste that she said should stay on the area for 15 minutes
  • Social media users flooded the video's comment section with queries about the natural hack
  • A Cape Town-based medical doctor shared with Briefly News how effective the use of baking soda can be
Woman shares a natural and affordable skincare hack.
A woman had many people interested when she shared her affordable skincare hack. Images: @bunila20
Source: TikTok

For some people, particularly women, showing their legs or thighs may not be the most comfortable thing to do.

To boost confidence and provide insight into the benefits of natural products, a woman shared an inexpensive hack to get rid of dark inner thighs.

TikTok user @bunila20 (who posts many natural skincare hacks on her account) shared that one should add equal parts baking soda and water to a bowl and mix it until it becomes a paste.

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She instructs:

"Apply the paste on your thighs, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then, rinse it off."

Watch the skincare hack video below:

Does baking soda and water paste help for dark inner thighs?

Azhar Bassardien, a medical doctor practising in Cape Town, explained to Briefly News that no scientific evidence suggests that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an effective means of skin-lightening.

The doctor added:

"Baking soda, though a mild skin-lightening agent, when mixed with water, has exfoliating properties that can lift the upper layers of dead skin and provide a mild and temporary lightening effect. It is important to note that not all skin types are the same, and it can cause severe irritation to the skin.
"It is advisable to test a small patch of skin first, applying the paste for no longer than 20 minutes and a maximum of one to two times per week. Once washed off, you should moisturise your skin."

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Dr Bassardien further explained that if one has concerns about dark spots on their skin, the best action to take is to speak to a doctor or dermatologist to explore medical or traditional remedies that have been proven to be effective, such as retinoids, azelaic acid, arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid and hydroquinone.

Internet users show interest in the hack

People flooded the woman's comment section online with questions and thoughts about the skincare hack.

When @lindah.dorcus asked if they could use baking powder instead of baking soda, @bunila20 kindly told her:

"No, Sis."

@lu_naa_tik, who uses the hack, said:

"I use this mixture on my face. I have been for years. It’s a lifesaver."

@stellizy2 asked if the paste could be used on the face, and @bunila20 replied:

"If it’s not too sensitive. Mix with lemon, but try on a little patch on the face first to see how it reacts on you."

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Many people wondered how long it would take to see results. When @huudielee asked, the young woman informed her:

"It depends on your skin."

Skin specialist plugs Mzansi with 2 products for pigmentation

In a related article, Briefly News reported about a lady working in the skincare and beauty industry who took to TikTok to plug people with products for pigmentation.

The woman recommended that internet users use a glow cream and glow serum and that interested parties use the products every morning and night to brighten their skin, even if they do not have pigmentation.

Source: Briefly News

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