Does polyester shrink? 8 damage-free ways to contract the fabric

Does polyester shrink? 8 damage-free ways to contract the fabric

Polyester is one of the best fabrics to wear. These clothes do not quickly get creases, folds, or ridges even when you wear them for long hours. Additionally, the fabric is as long-lasting as wool, silk, cotton, and other fabrics. Does polyester shrink? Clothing manufacturers mix polyester with other fabrics because it does not shrink. However, compressing this clothing material is not impossible.

Does polyester shrink
Polyester is one of the best fabrics to wear. Photo: @Victoria_Borodinova
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Have you ever asked yourself, "does polyester shrink in the wash, or does polyester shrink in the dryer?" before doing your laundry. These questions often run across people's minds after they notice that polyester is written on almost all their clothes' tags. The clothing material's size decreases when you wash it with harsh detergents and hot water.

How to shrink polyester without damaging it

You might want to take more precautions while cleaning clothes after learning what shrinks the fabric. However, someone else might use the knowledge to reduce the size of their large tops and other garments that do not fit them well. Do not use harsh detergents to compress the clothes. You can use hot water and heat but learn how to do it correctly.

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1. Minimal shrinking polyester

First, ensure that the cloth is clean before compressing it. Can you shrink 100% polyester, or does 100 polyester shrink? It is hard to compress it if it is 100% pure, meaning that no other material has been added. That is why manufacturers blend the material with different fabrics that can shrink.

So, does cotton and polyester shrink? You will use less heat to compress blended cotton and polyester fabrics than 100% polyester fabrics. This method is the best for this type of fabric. Wash the clothes in an automatic washer using warm water and put the garment in the tumble dryer with medium heat afterward.

2. Shrinking polyester using hot water

Does polyester shrink
You will use less heat to compress blended cotton and polyester fabrics than 100% polyester fabrics. Photo: @ Education Images
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Put a pot full of clean water on the fire and carefully put the clothes in when the water starts boiling. Cover the pot and wait for about ten minutes. Pour out the water and let the cloth cool at room temperature. Dry it on the clothing lines or tumble dryer later. Repeat the process if the cloth is still too big for you to wear.

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3. Shrinking polyester using a tumble dryer

What happens if you put polyester in the dryer? The artificial polymers used to make this material's synthetic fibers are resistant to shrinkage. Therefore, drying the fabric in the tumble dryer's high heat temporarily compresses it.

Wash the cloth in a machine and let the heat from the hot water shrink it while it dries on the clothesline to dry. If you want it to reduce its size more, put the garment in a tumble dryer, set high heat, and keep checking it so that it does over compress.

4. Maximum shrinking polyester

Turn the cloth inside out and wash it in hot water but do not put it in the tumble dryer. Lay it on an ironing board. Set the iron box on low or medium heat and press the fabric until it is dry. Do not use steam and avoid high heat while ironing the cloth. Otherwise, it will turn stiff and unwearable.

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5. Moderate shrinking polyester

Turn the cloth inside out before doing laundry in an automatic washer that is on high heat. This prevents the fabric from fading. After washing and rinsing the fabric in hot water, please put it in a tumble dryer and set it in high heat. The tumble dryer's hot temperature will compress it in less than half an hour.

6. Minimal shrinking polyester

Do everything you did when moderately compressing the material. However, ensure that the automatic washer and the drier are under medium heat settings. Also, the water should be lukewarm. It is always recommended to avoid distractions while the clothes are in the tumble dryer or automatic washer to avoid wasting electricity and water. Once the fabric has reduced in size, take it out of the machines on time.

7. Shrinking polyester without fading it

Does polyester shrink
A man ironing his cloth. Photo:
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This clothing material is more resistant to fading than cotton or any other fabric. However, it will bleed and fade if you wash it in hot water. The best way to prevent this is to turn the cloth inside out and add vinegar to the automatic washer. You can then dry it in a hot tumble dryer.

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8. Shrinking polyester permanently

Compressing the fabric temporarily can be tiresome. So, how do you permanently shrink polyester? Use high heat when drying it in the tumble dryer or ironing it when it is still wet. Heat is the only thing that can compress this material permanently but be careful not to burn the cloth.

Does polyester stretch? The material is soft and stretchy, but it does not lose its shape and size. Moreover, it dries quickly. These characteristics make it easy for anyone to compress it at home. Now to your question, "does polyester shrink?" has been answered, and you have learned how to do it, grab that oversize shirt or top and reduce its size today.

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