This Is Fate 3 teasers for September 2021: Exciting new season!

This Is Fate 3 teasers for September 2021: Exciting new season!

Are you ready for another exciting adventure as the 3rd season of This Is Fate comes to Zee World? The last season might have left you hanging because the show's main villains, Mahira, Prithvi, and Sherlyn, never paid for their evil deeds. Below are This Is Fate 3 teasers on what to expect in the season's premiere episodes.

This Is Fate 3 teasers
This Is Fate season three comes to Zee World from 13th September 2021. Photo: @ZeeWorldAfrica
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This Is Fate (Kundali Bhagya) is one of the most followed Indian shows on Zee World. The series revolves around the lives of sisters Shruti and Preeta and how they navigate the journey of love and deception. In season three, viewers will get to see how Preeta fights to ensure her marriage with Karan is not destroyed by Mahira and her accomplices.

This Is Fate 3 teasers for September 2021

If you are an avid follower of This Is Fate on Zee World, you noticed that not everyone was happy when Preeta finally got married to Karan in the previous season. Will she be able to sustain the marriage in season three? Here are the exciting This Is Fate 3 teasers and the details on what is coming up in September premiere episodes will have you wanting more!

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This Is Fate 3 teasers
Preeta is advised to give her marriage a fresh start. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

13 September 2021, Monday: Episode 1

Sarla asks Preeta to give her relationship with Karan another opportunity. Later, Karan is not willing to go to Preeta's cabin for their initial night. Shrishti asks Sameer to watch Sherlyn and Mahira's every move while Preeta comes up with a plan after seeing the two together outside her room.

14 September 2021, Tuesday: Episode 2

Mahira and Sheryn are watching Karan's every move, but Sameer makes them stop. Karan shields from the rains with Preeta in the same room, and Mahira secretly listens to their conversation. Preeta looks after Karan, who has a fever after being rained on.

15 September 2021, Wednesday: Episode 3

Mahira and Sherlyn are determined to ruin Preeta's cooking ritual, and the latter doubts the duo when she spots them in the kitchen. She manages to complete her initial cooking ritual without any hitch.

16 September 2021, Thursday: Episode 4

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The Luthra family starts preparations for Preeta's Muh Dikhai ritual and reception. Meanwhile, Preeta and Karan grumble about one another while Rakhi offers her support to the former. Sherlyn informs Prithvi that Preeta stays at the Luthra mansion as their daughter in law.

17 September 2021, Friday: Episode 5

Mahira is determined to ruin Preeta's Muh Dikhai ritual as she sets her plan in motion. Pawan, Prithvis's brother, starts living with him and plots to abduct Preeta and take her to Prithvi. Meanwhile, Rakhi does not want Ramona to leave, and she stops her.

18 September 2021, Saturday: Episode 6

Pawan goes to the Luthra house on a kidnapping mission while Mahira hits Preeta on the head. Karan eliminates Rano Aunty as Pawan links up with Mahira to take her to an unconscious Preeta. When Karan comes to the room, Pawan does not want to be discovered as he hides with Preeta while Mahira wears a veil to disguise herself.

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19 September 2021, Sunday: Episode 7

Mahira links up with Rano and unintentionally discloses her real name. Pawan carries Preeta to a vehicle, and Janki decides to follow him after suspecting foul play. Meanwhile, people cannot stop asking Mahira to lift her veil, and she is rescued by Dadi, who is unaware of what is going on.

This Is Fate 3 teasers
Preeta makes it clear to the Luthras and the press that she is Karan's wife and not Mahira. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

20 September 2021, Monday: Episode 8

Janki tries to find the best way to get into the house of Pawan, while Sanjana reveals to Sherlyn that Mahira is the one behind the veil. Srishti later sets out to assist Janki while Pawan tells Preeta that Prithvi had plans to have her kidnapped.

21 September 2021, Tuesday: Episode 9

Janki's attempts to rescue Preeta do not yield the expected results. Elsewhere, Mahira and Karan share a dance, and the latter decides to disclose her identity. She then asks Karan to be with her, but he reminds her that he has Preeta as his partner. Srishti is later involved in an accident with an auto-rickshaw.

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22 September 2021, Wednesday: Episode 10

Mahira takes the drink before other people can take and people are left speechless when they realize she is the one under the veil. Elsewhere, Pawan starts organizing Prithvi and Preeta's wedding. Mahira lets people know that Preeta has decided to elope with Prithvi, and Sarla smacks her. Later, Srishti arrives at the address she received from Janki.

23 September 2021, Thursday: Episode 11

Preeta lets Pawan know that she will tie the knot with Prithvi once he gets back to consciousness. Later, Pawan notices Srishti looking through a window and decides to drag her to where Preeta is. On the other hand, Sarla accuses Mahira of being responsible for Preeta's kidnapping. Janki manages to untangle herself.

24 September 2021, Friday: Episode 12

Prithvi attempts to loosen Preeta's ropes, but Pawan does not let him finish. Prithvi then hits Janki's head when she tries to attack Pawan. Janki then remembers past occurrences after the attack. Meanwhile, Karan yearns for Preeta's presence.

25 September 2021, Saturday: Episode 13

Janki reveals to Srishti and Preeta that Sherlyn and Prithvi had once attempted to take her life. Janki manages to save Preeta when Pawan shoots at her during their attempt to escape. Srishti, Janki and Preeta manage to get away, and they go to the Luthra mansion.

26 September 2021, Sunday: Episode 14

Sameer and Srishti take Mahira to the guest room under Preeta's instructions. Preeta then makes it clear to the press and the Luthra family that she is the one married to Karan and not Mahira.

This Is Fate 3 teasers
Prithvi organizes Preeta's abduction in This Is Fate 3 premiere episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

27 September 2021, Monday: Episode 15

Sanjana asks Sherlyn to stop dealing with Mahira, and they are not aware that Ramona is listening to the conversation. Preeta lies to Karan when she enquires about her whereabouts during the ritual, while Rakhi lets people know that Preeta's Muh Dikhai ritual will take place the following day. Later, Rishabh and Karan attempt to uncover facts from Sameer.

28 September 2021, Tuesday: Episode 16

Rakhi makes up her mind to ask Mahira to leave before the Luthra family and go back to her residence. Janki reveals to Sarla that her memory is back to normal, while Rakhi reprimands Sherlyn when she attempts to defend Mahira.

29 September 2021, Wednesday: Episode 17

Mahira threatens to ruin Preeta's life by taking everything that belongs to her, and Preeta expels her from the house. Preeta later reveals to Sarla and her folks that Mahira has left. Elsewhere, Sherlyn links up with Prithvi to inform him that the time has come for him to ruin the Luthras.

30 September 2021, Thursday: Episode 18

Karan decides to switch off the AC and sleep on the balcony after spotting Preeta is overwhelmed by the cold. Later. Rakhi's sister Nimmi comes to the Luthra mansion and links up with Preeta. Sarla then inquires if Srishti wants to tie the knot with a suitor she chooses.

This Is Fate 3 teasers
Mahira is expelled from the Luthra house in This Is Fate September episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to This Is Fate 3 cast?

This Is Fate 3 premiere episodes are a continuation to the show's second season. The actions of certain characters to get what they want causes pain and suffering to those they think are in the way of their opportunity. Here is a summary of what to expect in This Is Fate 3 September episodes.


Sarla asks her to give her marriage with Karan a fresh start. However, some people are not happy to see her happy with Karan. Prithvi's brother Pawan kidnaps her so that she can get married to Prithvi. Janki and Srishti manage to rescue her, and she later makes it clear to the family and the press that she is Karan's wife.


She conspires with Sherlyn and Prithvi to create a rift between Preeta and Karan. When Preeta is kidnapped, she tells Karan that she has eloped with Prithvi and asks him to be with her instead. Once her involvement in Preeta's abduction is known, Rakhi decides to expel her from the Luthra household. She then threatens to ruin Preeta by taking away all that belongs to her.


She informs Prithvi about Preeta's decision to live with the Luthra's as their daughter in law. Despite being advised by Sanjana to stay away from Mahira, she defends her when Rakhi expels her from the Luthra household and ends up being scolded by Rakhi. After Mahira's departure, she informs Prithvi to start working on his plan to ruin the Luthras.

Are you excited about This Is Fate season three premiere after reading the above This Is Fate 3 teasers? What will be Mahira's next move after being expelled from the Luthra house? Do not miss the show's rebroadcast on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays.

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