Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021: Emperor Jalal's troubled household

Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021: Emperor Jalal's troubled household

Ruqaiya, Jalal's childhood friend, confidant and first wife, feels threatened by Jodha. She fears that she might give Jalal a son before her. Maham Anga is Jalal's godmother. She raised him when his parents passed away but now wants the kingship for her son. Ruqaiya, Maham Anga, and her son plan to overthrow Jodha and Jalal from the throne. These Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021 have more updates about the upcoming episodes.

Jodha Akbar teasers
Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021. Photo: @Shriiuu
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Jalal's other wife, Queen Salima, loves Jodha, unlike Queen Ruqaiya, who vowed never to allow Jodha to have peace as long as she stayed in the palace. However, Ruqaiya's enemy was born ready to overcome challenges. Nothing will split the couple, including enemies within Jalal's household and rivalry between their communities.

Zee World Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021

The final episodes will show Queen Ruqaiya trying to kill Jodha's unborn twins. Ruqaiya will also manipulate her son into creating a rift between Jodha and Jalal. The story has only begun; hence you have enough months to enjoy the show. Now that you have had a glimpse into the show's storyline, here is what will happen in May.

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1/05/2021: Saturday (Episode 20)

According to the Mughals' traditions, Jodha must prepare a meal for her husband, the emperor. The community leaders demand that she respects their customs.

2/05/2021: Sunday (Episode 21)

Maham Anga helps Adham to escape and dispose of a corpse.

Jodha Akbar teasers
Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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3/05/2021: Monday (Episode 22)

Maham Anga threatens to hurt Moti if she exposes him. She blames Maham Anga before the court, but no one believes her. Emperor Jalal gives her the death penalty, which is worse than a life sentence. Jodha takes advantage of the judgment to claim Moti's life.

4/05/2021: Tuesday (Episode 23)

Jodha's sword fighting skills impress Jalal. She proves to him that she is braver than most women in his kingdom.

5/05/2021: Wednesday (Episode 24)

Ruqaiya is pregnant while Jodha is concerned about Jalal's condition. Is her husband in danger?

6/05/2021: Thursday (Episode 25)

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Jodha gives Ruqaiya saffron milk at the party, which leads to a miscarriage. The doctor suspects that someone wanted her to lose the pregnancy.

7/05/2021: Friday (Episode 26)

Shekhar hires Jagan to attack and assault Anurag's employee.

8/05/2021: Saturday (Episode 27)

Jalal and his army attack King Sijanpur in anger after listening to his subject's complaint.

9/05/2021: Sunday (Episode 28)

Jodha confesses the crime she committed, and Ruqaiya cautions Jalal about Salima's plan to trick him.

Jodha Akbar teasers
Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

10/05/2021: Monday (Episode 29)

Rahim informs Jodha that he saw Maham Anga add something to the milk she gave Ruqaiya.

11/05/2021: Tuesday (Episode 30)

Jodha uses Rahim as her witness, but he has no proof to support his testimony.

120/05/2021: Wednesday (Episode 31)

Jalal learns from a sketch that Maham Anga's deceit is the cause of all the problems.

13/05/2021: Thursday (Episode 32)

Maham remembers how Lakhi saved her in the past.

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14/05/2021: Friday (Episode 33)

Jodha asks for Jalal's consent to participate in the holi event in the palace. Jodha throws colour on Maham Anga by accident during the rituals.

15/05/2021: Saturday (Episode 34)

Jalal rescues the distressed Jodha from committing suicide.

16/05/2021: Sunday (Episode 35)

Jodha notices a different character in Jalal while they are at the shrine. He later takes her on a hunting game.

Jodha Akbar teasers
Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

17/05/2021: Monday (Episode 36)

A tiger attacks Jalal and injures him. Jodha cannot help him because she removed the bullet from the gun. However, she manages to bring him back to the palace.

18/05/2021: Tuesday (Episode 37)

Jodha's herbs heal Jalal's wounds.

19/05/2021: Wednesday (Episode 38)

Adham and Sharifuddin agree to attack Jalal on his way to Amer. Pratap and Jalal confront one another at the Bharmal's palace.

20/05/2021: Thursday (Episode 39)

Jodha reveals to Jalal that she has sworn to behead him at their Goddess' feet.

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21/05/2021: Friday (Episode 40)

Sharifuddin meets Sukanya's father to settle the deal they made with him.

22/05/2021: Saturday (Episode 41)

Tension mounts at the wedding venue when Jalal refuses to present the fort that the groom's father is demanding.

23/05/2021: Sunday (Episode 42)

Jodha enters Sharifuddin's room disguised as another person and catches him committing a crime.

24/05/2021: Monday (Episode 43)

Jalal commands Adgah to seize the fort during the marriage ceremony.

Jodha Akbar teasers
Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

25/05/2021: Tuesday (Episode 44)

Jodha has no other option but to allow Muslims to practice their religion.

26/05/2021: Wednesday (Episode 45)

Ruqaiya is restless on the night Jalal holds a long discussion with Jodha.

27/05/2021: Thursday (Episode 46)

Jodha is happy with Jalal's gift to her, and the doctor reports that Jodha is pregnant.

28/05/2021: Friday (Episode 47)

Ruqaiya is mad at Jalal for lying to her about his relationship with Jodha. Jalal feels betrayed when he learns that another man got Jodha pregnant.

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29/05/2021: Saturday (Episode 48)

Jalal seeks the truth about Jodha's pregnancy from Salima.

30/05/2021: Sunday (Episode 49)

The doctor helps Jalal and Salima to determine whether Jodha is pregnant or not. The results come out negative.

31/05/2021: Monday (Episode 50)

Sharifuddin flees from the palace. Jalal allows Jodha to punish Bakshi Banu, but she forgives and defends him. Moreover, she makes the king know that he misunderstood Bakshi.

Jodha Akbar teasers
Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC


She is always caught in controversial situations that embarrass Jalal and the entire royal household. However, she remains Jalal's favourite wife because she speaks her mind, defends herself, and corrects him.

Ruqaiya miscarries her pregnancy after drinking milk Jodha served her at the party. The doctor claims that someone intentionally harmed the unborn baby. Rahim later reveals to Jodha that he saw Maham Anga, Jalal's godmother, adding something to the milk. However, he does not have proof to vindicate the accused.

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The emperor has to subdue other kingdoms, including Jodha's father's empire. Ruqaiya is upset with him for hiding the truth about his marriage to Jodha from her. Jalal hurts when he learns that Jodha's pregnancy is not his. Salima helps him to discover later that she is not pregnant. Is someone setting up Jodha, or did the hospital give her wrong results by mistake?

Jodha Akbar teasers for May 2021 must have motivated you to start watching the show or tune in more often. You will fall in love with the Rajput kingdom's princess because she represents the independent modern woman who believes in gender equality.

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