Heartbroken Nota Baloyi Speaks on Ex-wife Berita Following Divorce: “At Least I Didn’t Give Up”

Heartbroken Nota Baloyi Speaks on Ex-wife Berita Following Divorce: “At Least I Didn’t Give Up”

  • Nota Baloyi appeared heartbroken when he spoke about his now ex-wife, Berita
  • The controversial music executive said he made a great final impression when he met the singer in court to finalise their divorce
  • Briefly News spoke to a life coach about the effects of divorce and how differently people react to it

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Nota Baloyi spoke about his divorce
Nota Baloyi spoke about his reaction to officially divorcing his now ex-wife. Images: lavidanota
Source: Instagram

A heartbroken Nota Baloyi recently spoke about seeing his ex-wife, Berita, in court to finalise their divorce, saying he hadn't seen her in over a year.

Nota Baloyi speaks about ex-wife

Nota Baloyi couldn't hide his hurt when he spoke about seeing his now ex-wife, Berita, in court to finalise their divorce.

The couple has been estranged for years, and officially met to seal the deal on their separation after nearly two years without seeing each other.

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Despite his high hopes of fighting for his marriage, Nota looked defeated while speaking to DJ Sbu on The Hustler's Corner, saying he tried his best to make a great final impression:

"I tried my best to look good. I was dressed in a suit that she had made; I combed my hair and made sure my cologne smelled fresh. I was like, 'I'm leaving a great last impression,' and that was it."

Moreover, Nota spoke about how he felt after the divorce was settled:

"'Closure' is a good description because, as a man, you're most obsessed about not failing, so it's always hard to accept a failure at anything.
"The one thing I didn't want to do was give up. Whatever goes down, at least I didn't give up; let's go down fighting.

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"I was satisfied. I hugged her and wished her the best, and then my dad and I left."

Life, career and business coach, Penny Holburn, gave Briefly News insight into people's reactions to divorce:

"The effects of divorce vary from person to person. Even with a very short marriage, a divorce can be very difficult and traumatic. Essentially, the ending of a marriage means the end of life as one expected it.
"So, plans and dreams are no longer possible, which is very difficult for most people, even if they do want the divorce or know it needs to happen."

Mzansi reacts to Nota Baloyi's interview

Netizens were hurt on Nota's behalf and spoke on his visible heartbreak:

sizwe_jobe_ was shattered:

"My goat is hurt."

khojampa169945 wrote:

"All the broer did was to love and support his life, and she threw it all back in his face."

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TonyHlongwane said:

"He sounds so heartbroken; he really loved her."

Meanwhile, some netizens were happy for Berita and bashed Nota for repeatedly humiliating his wife on social media:

LeJones_01 said:

"It was nice and fun trolling her on Twitter, but look who’s hurt today."

LebzaG9 was glad:

"It is fulfilling to see him hurt and down, this disrespectful goofball."

lyndz_20 wrote:

"You’d never say this is the cyberbully that insulted her day in and day out. I'm happy she’s finally free."

Emtee fixes things with his wife

In an earlier report, Briefly News shared Emtee's recollection of reuniting with his wife and the mother of his children.

The rapper says he was committed to fighting for his family and that being separated from his wife was hard for him.

Source: Briefly News

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