List of all Benjamin Dube's songs ranked: tracks and albums

List of all Benjamin Dube's songs ranked: tracks and albums

Benjamin Dube's songs are played in South Africa and the world over. South Africa is known for producing some of the most popular gospel musicians in Africa. For example, a few of the top South African gospel artists include Rebecca Malope, Benjamin Dube Hlengiwe Mhlaba, Winnie Mashaba, Deborah Fraser, Solly Mahlangu, Jabu Hlongwane, Loyiso and Judith Sephuma, among others. Nevertheless, Benjamin Dube has managed to win the hearts of many lovers of gospel music in South Africa, Africa, and the world, in general. We could attribute such popularity to the effort that Benjamin puts into the production of his music and the message he passes. In this article, we provide a complete overview of Benjamin Dube's music.

Benjamin Dube's songs ranked
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One of the things that stand out in Benjamin Dube's songs is the fact that they are all focused on giving hope, praising and worshipping. They uplift those who are down, give hope to the hopeless, and bring back the life of anybody listening to them.

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Who is Benjamin Dube?

Benjamin Dube, also known as Bonani Benjamin Dube, is a South African music producer, pastor, singer, and songwriter. His music career kicked off in 1979 following the production of a family song “Vader vergeef he then” which loosely translates to “Father forgive them”. This song was inspired by the murder of their father.

Best gospel songs of Benjamin Dube

Benjamin Dube’s singing career started when he was young – at the age of 9, and he has nurtured his singing talent to be one of the best and most loved gospel musicians in South Africa. His music is inspirational, and it speaks directly to his fans’ souls as evident from the views on YouTube.

Let us look at some of the songs from various albums.

1. Yebo linamandla

Yebo Linamandla is a praise and worship song that acknowledges the power of God. The term Yebo Linamandla can be translated to mean yes, there is power. Clearly, Benjamin tries to encourage his fans to have great faith in God because his name comes with great things such as satisfaction, and eradication of fears, among other aspects.

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If you are feeling oppressed – it could be anything, then this is the song that you need to listen to now. It gives you the assurance that our trust in God is not in vain – there is power in the name. In the lyrics, the singer notes that once you believe and trust in the Lord, all other things become easy to achieve.

2. Elshadai medley

Benjamin Dube's singing stands out for its message and Elshadai Medley is a good example. Featuring the Spirit of Praise, Benjamin Dube in this song puts his fans in the worship mood. If you have ever listened to a worship song and felt as though heaven was so close to you, then this is such.

Having over 8 million views on YouTube is enough evidence that the song is a hit and that it resonates with many fans.

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3. Jehovah is your name

One outstanding character evident in Benjamin Dube's singing is the ability to evoke emotions. Jehovah is your name is the type of song that you cannot get enough of. It is emotional and uplifting at the same time.

Just from its name, the song serves to glorify God acknowledging his supremacy. If you are in a hard situation or you are just feeling down, this is what you need to listen to – it will leave you refreshed and uplifted. It has more than 1 million views on YouTube.

4. El shaddai adonai

Released in 2012, Benjamin uses El Shaddai to praise and worship God. The term El Shaddai is common in Christianity, and it is often used to refer to God as Almighty and All-sufficient, as illustrated in Genesis 42: 24-25. Benjamin borrows the same meaning to praise God for his care and love.

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In El Shaddai Adonai, the singer praises God noting how he cares, and how he loved him first. It has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube with most of the viewers acknowledging how it touches them and helps them strengthen their faith. You can listen to El Shaddai Adonai in any situation – excited, sad, or even happy.

5. Ngiyakuthanda

Sung in Zulu, Ngiyakuthanda is ideal for praise and worship sessions. From its lyrics, the words Ngiya Kuthanda and moya oyingcwele are repeatedly used. Ngiya kuthanda means I love you while moya oyingcwele means Holy Spirit. Therefore, the singer talks about the love for the Holy Spirit.

Are you in a position where you feel the Holy Spirit has been working in you all along? Why not praise and worship in thanksgiving? With over 1.4 million views on YouTube, Ngiyakuthanda is easy to listen to and sing along. It will leave you high-spirited!

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6. He keeps on doing

It is human nature and folly to think that God gets tired of helping his people. Was there a time when you sought his help and thought all was done and that you were asking too much? If so, then you need to listen to Dube’s song He Keeps on Doing to remind you that God does not tire – he keeps on helping us no matter how sinful we are.

It resonates well with this illustration; go ahead and ask for God’s help the number of times you need it – he will be there to do respond. Listening to Benjamin here sets you in a worship mood, as he evokes the innermost feelings and emotions of gratitude.

7. Bow down and worship him

The title of the song gives out more even before listening to it. The singer puts his fans in a worship mood. Just from the introduction, you get a clear picture of God’s presence. If you are looking for anything that will help your transition from the earthly position to the spiritual realm, then Bow Down and Worship Him is it.

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It will leave you in the presence of God, literally. It will lift you to high spiritual levels. Regardless of the situation, the song sets you free just by letting God take control of your life. Its 4.5 million views on YouTube is a clear indication of the impact that this song has on listeners.

8. Prayer

Judging from its title, this is a prayer in the form of a song. Benjamin is seen and heard speaking in tongues. He uses this moment to praise God and acknowledge his love for God. It has more than three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) views on YouTube.

Prayer is emotion-evoking. Speaking in tongues is enough evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Are you feeling down, sad, excited, or happy? This is the song you need at this moment. It will uplift you and set you in a praise and worship mood.

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9. I know only you

Just like all of Benjamin Dube's music, I know Only You is a praise and worship song. As evident from the title, the singer acknowledges the presence of God in his life by highlighting that he knows only him. With over seven hundred thousand views on YouTube, it is an inspiration to many.

Are you looking for a spirited praise and worship session? Then you need not go any far – I Know You Only will give you just the experience you need. Just by listening to it you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit around you.

10. This is my time

How many times have you declared a certain month or year to be yours to excel? We all do it; repeatedly but how many these times have you asked for the help of God? Most probably, you have never. Dube collaborates with Xoli Mncwango in This is my Time and focuses on reminding the listeners that everyone needs to involve God in their plans for them to be successful.

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Released in 2015, This is my Time has since been viewed more than four hundred thousand times on YouTube. This is a clear indication of the many souls the song touches.


Uyahalalela is a powerful song. It sets you in an intimate praise mood. From the lyrics Uyahala uyahalalela, Jesu wa Makgotla, which translates to Glorious, he is glorious, Jesus Lord of hosts, it is evident that Benjamin calls Christians to acknowledge the presence of Jesus and his role in their lives.

With over 4.2 million views on YouTube, Uyahalalela is a complete masterpiece of worship. It leaves anybody listening to it not only blessed and uplifted but also touched. At times, we need a song that reminds us of whose grace we have been able to get to where we are currently. Uyahalalela is such a song.

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12. In your presence

In Your Presence is a perfect illustration of how important it is to be in God’s presence. The singer expresses an interest in being in the presence of God. Clearly, it is a praise and worship song that you cannot afford to miss.

13. I’ll rise again

Everybody has that moment in life when they fall but what do you do when you fall? Of course, you do not stay down – you rise. This is an encouragement song. Benjamin encourages his fans and listeners to find support in God to rise every time they fall.

This song sets you in the praise and worship mood. I’ll Rise Again, is a powerful song that glorifies the role of God in our life; he makes us whole, strong, comforts us, and helps us rise again whenever we fall.

14. Amen

We can all agree that there are times when we forget about the existence of God, or even what he has done for us. Don’t we? In this song, Benjamin creates a praise and worship environment that is emotion-evoking – it will get you thinking about the much that God has done for you.

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While it appears simple, it is so powerful. If you ever needed a song that cultivates God’s presence, then Amen is it.

Other songs by Benjamin Dube you should listen to

Benjamin Dube remains to be a favourite gospel artist in South Africa. He has numerous songs that have melted the hearts of his fans in South Africa and the world in general. The following is a list of other Benjamin Dube songs in no particular order.

Benjamin Dube's songs

  1. Saved
  2. Who’s right
  3. Lona Baratang Ho Phela
  4. Give me direction
  5. Renew my strength
  6. No God above you
  7. Held me up
  8. The potter’s house
  9. Love covers all
  10. He’s not a God
  11. Praise
  12. Jehovah is your name
  13. Worship
  14. Just to be close
  15. Holy Spirit
  16. When I think about Jesus
  17. I don’t feel no – ways tired (interlude)
  18. Do it Lord
  19. Thel’ Umoya
  20. I am not alone
  21. Oh how I love him
  22. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
  23. Great is the Lord
  24. How excellent is your name
  25. Praise
  26. I need your touch
  27. Praise him
  28. Do it Lord
  29. Humble yourself
  30. Son of God
  31. Bless the Lord

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Benjamin Dube's discography

  • I feel like going on
  • Gospel explosion
  • Glory in his presence
  • Looking back

As evident from the albums displayed above, Benjamin Dube's songs are many. We have provided a sneak overview in a tabular form and discussed Benjamin's music briefly. From the discussion, it is clear that Benjamin specializes in music suitable for praise and worship. Therefore, if you are looking for spirit-inspiring, anointing, and emotion-evoking praise and worship songs, or anything that will lift your spirits, and liven your moods, then any of the songs in Benjamin Dube’s album will do.

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