30+ stunning white dye on short African hairstyles

30+ stunning white dye on short African hairstyles

White dye on short African hair is the rave of the moment, and the reason is not far-fetched. Vibrant colours holler boldness and confidence. It complements and pairs well with dark skin tones; celebrities like Viola Davis, Gabrielle Union, and Tiffany Hadish are examples of women experimenting with white dye for dark skin tones. And based on the outcome, you can too.

white dye on short African hair
White dye on short African hair has become the rave of the moment. Photo: @beaniiboy_photoworks, @dr_motso, @hairbyope_smade (modified by author)
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There was a time when African women tried hard to hide their hair dexterity, thickness, and texture behind hair extensions. But now, they flaunt the thick curls proudly, wearing white dye on different hairstyles. If you want to be a part of this trend and self-acceptance, here are samples of low-maintenance short natural haircuts for black females.

White dye on short African hair ideas

Being creative is one of the things that fashionistas know well. When it concerns your outlook, trying out what expresses your inner desire best is worth considering. Here are some short, low-maintenance short natural haircuts for black females you might want to consider:

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1. Bald white scattered haircut

white dye on short african hair
Bald white scattered haircut. Photo: @conrad_carre_perruqueria
Source: Instagram

The haircut has a little edgy detail for a taper cut to add a charming look to your natural white hair. With this hairstyle, you can stop wasting precious time trying to style braids or other protective hairstyles.

2. Short hair with dye

Are you tired of the stress that comes with maintaining long hair? Would you like to feel your scalp from time to time? Then, this hairstyle is for you. With a low cost, you can opt for this style. Just cut your hair low and dye it. You can either add parting lines or not.

3. Grey-dyed short hair African styles

If you already see grey hair in your hair's root, do not try to uproot or conceal it. Instead, welcome it with a warm embrace and dye your entire hair colour grey that compliments it. You can choose any style of your choice. Best part? It does not attract dirt easily.

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4. Fades hairstyle

What can I do with my short natural hair?
Fades hairstyle. Photo: @baddest_silver
Source: Instagram

Fades have been in vogue for men for decades. However, women are now embracing this hairstyle by adding their unique twist and pops of white dye. It is called fades because of its tightly tapered cut; it is a game changer.

5. Buzz cut

This hairstyle is predominant in South Africa. Gone are the days when women keep long hair in a bun or ponytail; many now delight in cutting off their hair to the barest minimum. The buzz haircut tinted with a white dye is the new normal. Ladies on buzz cuts usually spice it up with loops and drop earrings.

6. White-dyed waves

Waves are as old as fashion itself. However, with the introduction of hair bleaching and hair dyes, waves are more colourful and exciting now, and it is cost-effective. Many options exist, from 360 waves to finger waves to the ultimate sea waves.

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7. Bald and dyed (BD) style

As the name implies, bald style means getting rid of most or all your hair. This style shows that beauty has little to do with hair length; it costs little and is easy to maintain. Whether you are a model or prudent, this look is perfect.

8. Blonde Afro

Afro will always be in vogue. It was one of the most common hairstyles over three decades ago and still is. It is easy to maintain and cost-effective. The Afro hairstyle is your best bet if you like to feel your hair's dexterity and curl while you are blonde.

9. Teeny Weeny Afros

Popularly referred to as Twa, this hairstyle is the smaller version of an afro. Simply put, it is afro but in its early stages of growth. It is easy to maintain, from a warm wash to massaging the coils with your fingers; this hairstyle is perfect.

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10. Pixie cut with an edge

What can I do with my short natural hair?
Pixie cut with an edge. Photo: @studiometamorphasis
Source: Instagram

The pixie cut is a one-size fits all hairstyle because it looks fabulous on every woman. Did you chop off your hair for the first time and are unsure if a lowcut will fit you? The pixie cut is the balance you need. You can opt for a patterned undercut, curly top, or no curls.

11. The edgy fauxhawk

If you love to show off your natural hair, try styling your hair in an edgy fauxhawk. Bold and beautiful, this simple updo will help you uncover the agility and tenacity of African hair.

12. The ultimate bob cut

Are you trying the bob haircut for the first time but afraid it might not work with your face shape? Worry no more. The piece-y blonde bob is all you need to commence your journey. It will cover a side of your face, giving you a fabulous look.

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13. Waves and curls mix

Think of a pixie cut with waves and curls mixed. This stunning hairstyle is a great way to spice up your basic pixie cut, stand out, and further embrace your femininity.

14. Beautifully blonde textured bob

Thickness and texture are a few things that make African women's hair different from other races; it is their beauty and pride. Do you want to rock a bob hairstyle without doing away with the texture? This is for you. The textured bob cut is suitable for all occasions and can be styled differently.

15. Curly pixie cut with dye

This hairstyle is short yet feminine and is a good fit for black women who love any face shape haircut. While texture plays a crucial role in achieving the curl lays, it can also be attained with a flat iron and minimal product.

16. The brush piece

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A beautiful brush piece is an alternative for ladies who wear wigs on their weaves. If you opt for the quick weave, be sure your stylist is a razor-cutting guru, and that will help to give it an edgy and jazzy style.

17. Tapered short hair with lightning-razored lines

Can you colour short hair?
Tapered short hair with lightning-razored lines. Photo: @baddest_silver
Source: Instagram

Try this out if you like adding a razor line to your haircuts. If you have natural curls, you will love this crop as it is shorter to longer shape. But even if you do not, the razor lining still works.

18. Blonde wavy pixie

Consider this hairstyle if you want to commence your short hairstyle from scratch. By cutting off hair from mid-strands and ends, you can concentrate on the new growth of your hair. However, a wavy pixie is more suitable for women with curly hair.

19. Tight curls

What says "I am African" more than your kinks and naturally tight curls? Flaunt your roots with this hair. The key element to rocking this hair for a long time is moisturising. When your tight curls dry up, they tend to tighten up more and cause breakage. If you want to be stylish, dye your hair, and you are good to go.

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20. Stunning perfect fade for natural curls

This is the perfect cut to conserve the edges of your natural hair while giving the longer top hair a place to shine. Your hair appointments every three weeks are necessary to keep the sides tapered. It would help if you continued to hydrate it to protect the curls' intricacy. Dye it to white if you love to make bold statements with your hair.

21. Side part bob hairstyle

Is it better to dye hair short or long?
Side part bob hairstyle. Photo: @elahe_haircolorrr
Source: Instagram

The side part bob will always be in vogue because it can be modified to suit any preference. If you want layers or a fuller look, speak with your stylist.

22. Braided space buns

This is a mix of space buns and braids, and it is simple but fabulous. To achieve this look, divide your short hair in equal parts into a ponytail on both sides. Braid your hair tightly or loosely before rolling them over to make a bun on both sides.

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23. Short copper curls

Is it better to dye hair short or long?
Short copper curls. Photo: @mercossalonke
Source: Instagram

If you want to show your African heritage and flaunt your natural hair texture, wearing short copper curls is a great option. It is a beautiful hairstyle for women growing their natural hair, and this gentle but rich tone will brighten your hair's outlook and texture.

24. Blonde Balayage bang

It is a combination of colour and pronounced texture. These choppy black layers, teased and combed to the front, burst out into blonde bangs for a chic hairstyle that does not need length or curls to be feminine and voguish.

25. Pixie with undercut and bang

The pixie haircut is generally accepted for women with short hair and can be modified to suit your preference. If you are tired of the regular pixie cut, it is time to switch things on with the bang and undercut. The undercut is achieved by shaving the hair's lower section, leading to beautiful contrast between the hair's back and front.

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26. The Mohawk style

Let your haircut reflect your personality and attitude. The hawk style is your best option if you love a fierce, Gothic, and rebellious look. The style is achieved by leaving some strip of your hair to run down the middle of the head while the remaining sides are cleanly shaved, creating a different but attractive contrast.

27. Short afros

Which dye is best for short hair?
Short afros. Photo: @princesse_rozay
Source: Instagram

Do you have natural curls and would like to keep rocking them? Do you want a low-maintenance style? The short blonde afros are your best bet. It is an excellent way to flaunt your hair texture and spend less on protective styles. To maintain it, use regular nourishing treatments and moisturise it regularly.

28. Blonde haircut with dark roots

Enjoy your nappy hair with this blonde hairstyle that is both easy to maintain and get done. If your hair grows back quickly, you might need to visit the barber more often to maintain this length.

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29. Spiral cut

The world is imperfect, but your hair could be when you opt for the spiral cut. The beauty is not just in the lowness of the cut but in the parted design added to the cut. Women sometimes add vibrant colours to it to get a more attractive look.

30. Blonde and short dreadlocks

This is an excellent style for any woman that loves dreadlocks. With this style, the possibility of having locks becomes possible. With this short dreadlock, you can make your haircut dream become a reality.

31. Blonde round cuts

Can you colour short hair?
Blond round cuts. Photo: @luxe_hair_lounge
Source: Instagram

Do you have a round face? Do you like your haircut to exude an extremely feminine touch? This is for you. The finishing touches of your haircut are as important as the haircut itself. The round cut is the perfect option for individuals with round faces. Gently spraying water and applying gel will keep the hair new and moisturised.

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32. Wavy haircut

Sometimes, all you need to stand out in the crowd is a faded haircut with a wavy cut design. You can opt for this haircut if you prefer to spend less money on several hair products and extensions.

Can you put white dye on black hair?

Yes, you can. Regardless of the colour of your hair, even if it is dark brown, you can dye it. However, it takes more dye and time to change it to your desired colour.

How can I dye my black hair white?

Go to the salon. A professional colourist can do this for you at a cost. While there are several Do-It-Yourself (DIY), you should prioritise your health and safety.

Can you dye your hair white without bleach?

Yes, you can. Getting white hair without bleach is possible. However, your original/ present hair colour should be platinum or at least light blonde. But can you dye black hair white without bleach? Unfortunately, you can not. However, you can achieve the white colour if you bleach it.

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White dye on short African hair is beautiful, bold, and elegant. Although this might be an unconventional step, once you try it, you will not return to dark brown or cool colours. This is one of the considerations for fashionistas looking for something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

As published on Briefly.co.za, looking good is one of the ways to boost one's confidence. Since the best hairstyles for black women in South Africa are affordable, most women wear them regardless of their social status.

So, what are some trending hairstyles that you can consider? Find some unique styles in the post, including cornrows, long and short human hair weaves, and haircuts.

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