Is Amy on Jeopardy! transgender? All you need to know about her personal life

Is Amy on Jeopardy! transgender? All you need to know about her personal life

The thirty-eighth season of Jeopardy! has had Americans glued to their screens, keeping up with their favourite contestants' performances. Unlike the game show's previous seasons, the just-concluded season made history and left fans asking, is Amy on Jeopardy! transgender? Go through her biography as it deciphers her life.

Transgender jeopardy
Her classmates voted her the most likely person to appear on Jeopardy! Photo: @jeopardamy (modified by author)
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Amy on Jeopardy! made headlines for being the first woman to break the top earning spots in the show. She even broke records set by the people she looked up to and inspired her to participate in the show. Walking out with a whopping $1.4 million made fans curious about how she would spend the hefty prize. At the same time, some were curious to know more about her life before the show. These details address these concerns and take a deep dive into her life.

Amy on Jeopardy! profile summary and bio

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NameAmy Schneider
Birth name Thomas E Schneider
Date of birth 29th May 1979
Age43 (As of November 2022)
Zodiac sign Gemini
Place of birth Dayton, Ohio, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Hair colour Brown
Eye colourBlonde
Height in cm 168 cm
Height in feet5'6"
Weight in kg 57 kg
Weight in pounds126 lbs
Gender Transgender
Gender transition2017
Alma mater University of Dayton
Occupation Engineering manager
CareerNexTech, SoftBank Robotics America
Known forThe 40-game winning streak on Jeopardy!
Marital status Married
Spouse Genevieve Davis ​
Father James T Schneider
Brother John Schneider

Amy Schneider's age

She is 43 years old. She was born on 29th May 1979 in the United States of America to James T Schneider and an unnamed mother. She has a brother named John.

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What is Amy's real name on Jeopardy!?

Photo: @jeopardamy (modified by author)
Her pearl necklace is a comforting reminder that her partner is at home waiting for her. Photo: @jeopardamy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Her real name is Amy Schneider. She was assigned male at birth and named Thomas E Schneider; however, after her sex alteration surgery, she acquired a new identity, Amy.

Educational background

Amy attended Chaminade-Julienne High School. She deliberately founded the high school debate club because she wanted it to reflect on her college applications. In eighth grade, her mates voted her the most likely person to appear on Jeopardy!

After high school, Amy enrolled at the University of Dayton, and according to her LinkedIn account, she pursued computer science.


Schneider started her career as a software developer at NexTech in San Francisco. Later, she transitioned to SoftBank Robotics and served as the lead engineer. In 2021, she became an engineer manager at Fieldwire Company.

Amy's Jeopardy! winnings

Amy Schneider Jeopardy contestant
She underwent a sex alteration surgery to become a naturalised woman. Photo: @jeopardamy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Amy had her first victory on the show on 17th November 2021. In the episode, she dethroned Andrew He, the five-day champion. She only missed one final Jeopardy! question in the subsequent 14 games. She missed the second in her 16th win. She also set another record as the first transgender contestant to qualify for the tournament of champions.

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Amy was defeated in her 41st episode of the show, which aired on 26th January 2022. She finished second after Rhone Talsma. As her winning streak ended, she had garnered $1,300,000, ranking fourth in the most money won in a regular season.

Why does Amy Schneider on Jeopardy! wear pearls every night?

In January 2022, during an interview with USA Today, Schneider stated that the pearl necklace was a gift from her then-girlfriend, Genevieve Davis. Genevieve gifted her the piece of jewellery on her first birthday after they began their relationship.

Husband and children

Before her gender transition, Amy Scheider had been married to a woman recognised as Keely Anneken in 2004. They resided in Oakland, California. However, their marriage of over ten years ended in 2016. After their divorce, they resorted to living separate lives and remained good friends.

Is Amy Schneider married?

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Yes! So, who is Amy Schneider's wife? She married her partner, Genevieve Davis, on 9th May 2022. They had been engaged for three months. Amy Schneider's partner is very supportive of her and is determined to help her be the best version of herself.

Even though they married in May 2022, Amy only revealed the news in September. She shared photos on Instagram announcing they had tied the knot in a small private ceremony at the Alameda County Recorder. She added that they would have a traditional wedding and reception next summer.


There are no records to support speculations that Amy Schneider has any kids. Nonetheless, she and Genevieve have a cat named Meep. They adopted it from a shelter house.

What did Amy on Jeopardy! do to look like a man?

Schneider underwent a sex alteration surgery to become a naturalised woman in 2016. She completed the gender transition in 2017, changed her name from Thomas, and revealed that going through the process was the best part of being her true self.

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"Too much about being trans”

Amy Schneider as a child
Is Amy transgender? Photo: @jeopardamy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

In November 2022, Schneider spoke about not wanting her stint on the show to be too much about being trans. Her sentiments were,

The fact is, I do not think about being trans all that often. So when appearing on national television, I wanted to represent that part of my identity accurately: as essential but relatively minor. But I also did not want it to seem like a shameful secret. While it is gratifying to know that people did not necessarily know I was trans until they read about it, I want people to know that aspect of me. I think being trans is cool!

Amy on Jeopardy! robbed

Ahead of her 25th game on 4th January 2022, Schneider posted on Twitter that she had been robbed. Her phone and credit cards were the valuables she lost during the ordeal.

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Amy Schneider's latest news

On 16th November, Amy testified against a bill restricting gender-affirming medical care for minors. Before the Ohio House of Representatives committee, Schneider said the Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act, which aims to restrict doctors' ability to provide puberty blockers, gender-affirming surgeries and hormone therapy, would put some children in grave danger.

She highlighted her experience, how accessing hormone therapy felt like an alarm going off, and how receiving the gender-affirming surgery silenced the alarm. She added that trans youth accessing gender-affirming care would accord them the same peace of mind.

Is Amy on Jeopardy! transgender? These details about her address the questions and unveil unknown facts about her life.

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