Top 20 AmaPiano songs of 2021: Best AmaPiano hits you should listen to

Top 20 AmaPiano songs of 2021: Best AmaPiano hits you should listen to

AmaPiano songs are now the most played songs in South Africa. You will rarely miss listening to 2021's best AmaPiano songs when riding on Mzansi's public service vehicles. Additionally, the mainstream media plays these songs after every minute.

AmaPiano songs
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The music genre is a combination of Kwaito, Gqom, and piano jazz beats. If you listen to it keenly, you will notice some soft house music beats in the background. Trending AmaPiano songs are the hits you need for your gym sessions.

Top 20 latest AmaPiano songs in 2021

2021 marked the influx of new AmaPiano songs. The world realized something good is brewing in South Africa during the COVID-19 global quarantine season. People found solace in this music, and before Mzansi knew it, AmaPiano tracks were trending on social media. Here is a list of AmaPiano songs that are doing great on YouTube:

1. Gcina Impilo Yami - DJ Cleo ft. Bucy Radebe (7.9 million)

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12th February 2021

After listening to this track, your mind will be saying, "Oh my!" There are no right words to describe Gcina Impilo Yami. You feel it and let it stay in your heart. God bless Dj Cleo and Bucy Radebe for touching people's hearts through music.

2. Ke Star - Focalistic & Davido (7.1 million)

26th February 2021

Ke Star is unarguably one of the best songs Focalistic has done. The duo is gladly watching South Africans do their thing. Mzansi never lets good work go unrewarded.

3. Nkulunkulu - Kamo Mphela (6.2 million)

26th March 2021

Kamo Mphela has done great work on Nkulunkulu. You will find yourself singing this new AmaPiano song randomly and wonder why it has stuck on your mind for hours or months.

4. Mapara A Jazz - John Vuli Gate ft Ntosh Gazi & Colano (3.2 million)

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6th January 2021

Ntosh Gazi was grateful to his fans for giving the song a million views three months ago. Today, the song has over 3.2 million views.

5. Siyathandana - Cassper Nyovest ft. Abidoza & Boohle (3.1 million)

25th June 2021

The song begins with a sweet soprano voice. It goes without question that this collaboration is one of the best AmaPiano tracks as it features some of the most talented icons in the genre.

6. Hallelu - Masterkraft ft Zlatan & Bella Shmurda (2.9 million)

12th February 2021

Everything turns into gold when Nigerian artists work with South African singers on AmaPiano songs. Masterkraft, Zlatan and Bella Shmurda have proven to be the dynamic trio in AmaPiano music.

7. Getting Late - Tyla ft. ft. Kooldrink (6.9 million)

28th January 2021

The 19-year-old South African singer/songwriter released her first single in January. Tyla is the Ariana Grande of the continent, and she deserves all the love in the world.

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8. La Melza - DJ Melzi feat. Mkeyz & Mphow69 (1.4 million)

9th April 2021

In less than five months, the video of this jam has gathered more than 1.4 million views on YouTube. This performance is commendable considering that Mzansi's music industry is very competitive.

9. Shayi Mpempe - Mavuthela ft Swizz Panache & Ribby (1.3 million)

15th April 2021

The trio has showcased creativity in the tracks that it has released, demonstrating the diversity in this style of music. Most Shayi Mpempe fans do not joke with petty critics.

10. Bathandwa - MFR Souls ft Bassie (1.1 million)

29th January 2021

Fans do not seem to have enough of this song. South Africans should represent the continent when it comes to music. Bathandwa has proven how the Mzansi accent sounds perfect when turned into music.

11. Ringo - DJ Jawz ft Bob Mabena, Zuma, Reece Madlisa & Busta 929 (1.06 million)

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12th February 2021

Ringo is the kind of jam that might make you wish you could thank either of the artists for creating the masterpiece. Most people who have listened to it know how entertaining it is.

12. Makazi - Busiswa ft. Mr JazziQ (979k)

29th January 2021

This jam has slightly slow but refreshing beats. Busiswa, Mr JazziQ, and other voices sound like they are casually reciting a poem in the chorus. Makazi should not miss in your playlist.

13. Umjolo - Bob Mabena & Qwesta Kufet (710k)

19th April 2021

Have you ever listened to a song and felt so happy because of the mood that the hit sets? Listen to Umjolo any time you are feeling low. Additionally, move your furniture and dance your sorrows away.

14. Amaneighbour - Killer Kau & Mr JazziQ (596k)

25th June 2021

The beats and Killer Kau and Mr JazziQ's voices are a perfect match. A song is not good enough if it does not make you smile or cry. Amaneighbour sets the mood for a chilled and happy atmosphere.

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15. Funu - Scorpion Kings ft. Tresor (553k)

29th January 2021

East Africa says, "hongera jameni." It means congratulations in English. South African artists are setting the pace for other artists on the continent. They are uniting Black people through music. This song is an example.

16. Jamani - Sho Madjozi (549k)

7th May 2021

You are missing many great hits if you do not have any of Sho Madjozi's Amapiano hits. The young lady released Jamani in May, and so far, everything is running smoothly. East Africa is now her second home.

17. Ina Iyeza - Zain SA (577k)

15th February 2021

How can someone dislike this song if not out of pure envy? The song's lyrics bring out the beauty of using the native language to pass a great message to the people. Moreover, Ina Iyeza's beats are therapeutic.

18. Careless Whisper - Major League DJz ft. Jay Sax & Abidoza (465k)

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9th June 2021

Have you ever watched a music video that has no lyrics but somehow takes your breath away? You do not need to listen to lyrics to feel the music. The beats and the pictures tell the story loud and clear.

19. Location, Sila - Sje Konka, Freddy K & Robot Boii (181k)

7th April 2021

Sje Konka, Freddy K, and Robot Boii must have spent many hours on this track. Location, Sila makes you feel the world suddenly stopped and become better than it was minutes before you tuned in.

20. Bulungule - Dj Franck Mato & Kancy Deore (143k)

22nd March 2021

East Africa is humbled to see these South African artists add some Swahili words to this song. It is one of the jams that will have you nodding along to its beats because of how addictive they are.

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AmaPiano music is the best thing that has ever happened to the entire continent. Music lovers now have something to wake up to daily. Honestly, the future of this music is bright. Download AmaPiano songs on music streaming sites.

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