Top 15 creepy/scary phone numbers you should never call

Top 15 creepy/scary phone numbers you should never call

You have probably watched horror movies that got you scared of mysterious phone calls and were left wondering if such events happen in real life. Nothing scars the hell out of a person like a phone call sending them to a strange world where they cannot inform their loved ones about their whereabouts. People believe that worst things can happen to you or your loved ones if you call or receive calls some globally known scary phone numbers.

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Have you ever watched a 976-EVIL movie where the main character calls a fortune-telling contact, unaware that it is the direct line to hell? The devil on the other end of the line calls no one, but people who need him can contact him. If the film chilled your spine, then discovering scary phone numbers that work will raise your hair and curdle your blood.

15 haunted scary phone numbers

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Ensure that you are near someone for comfort before you continue reading if you get easily scared. Nevertheless, you are not a coward for getting frightened by horror stories because every courageous person has a weakness. Here are 15 real scary numbers to call in 2021:

1. 1 (000) 000 0000: Asia

scary phone numbers
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People believe that it is the dead's number. If he calls you, your deceased loved one wants to contact you; hence, break up with the spirit before you get hurt. The male voice commands you to ask 15 people to call him or die within a week for defying his orders.

Please do not call it because the dead do not have numbers. More so, you might develop a mental illness because the contact creates an illusion that you can reach out to the deceased loved ones you badly miss.

2. 0888 888 888: Bulgaria

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The Bulgarian number claimed the lives of its three owners. These incidences shook the entire Brazil where the victims were residing. The story got more interesting when the company that issued the line blocked it permanently.

3. 090 4444 4444: Japan

Call Sadoko's Cursed line in Japan at your own risk. Sadako is the main protagonist in the creepiest Japanese traditional folktale. The country's top telecommunications company named One Plus skipped the number 4 series and released the plus 5 edition to ease tension.

Japanese believe that listening to strange noises drifting down the line will give you nightmares. Moreover, tragedy will strike in your life within the same week you made the call. Your loved ones might die.

4. The Red Number: Pakistan

scary phone numbers
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Pakistanis received alarming emails and text messages in 2007 about a red number call that damaged brain nerves because it had a high-frequency range. Surprisingly, the emails and text messages were traced to different phone numbers and IDs.

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Who had the audacity to play such a heartbreaking game on the Pakistanis? The government investigated the issue, but no one was held responsible. It dismissed the rumors, but the people never forgot the terrifying ordeal.

5. 999 9999: Thailand

If you wish to die now, call Thailand's Phone Number of Death. It is said that some filmmakers created this insane narrative to promote a movie. Calling scary phone numbers like this one might send you to the future world or the past, but this has bittersweet consequences. Make a wish because it will be fulfilled, although a deadly car crash will soon wipe you off the face of the earth. The myth is common among people residing in Thailand's urban set-ups.

6. 20202020: UK

What happens if you call 20202020? Do not be fooled into believing that it is the dead's number. A book containing true ghost stories featured a story about scary phone numbers to call UK. The book narrates that the 1970s UK children can call this mysterious line free of charge via a payphone.

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The woman on the other end of the call would cry out, "Help Me! Help Me! Susie's dying!" The devastated woman remained anonymous to date, and Susie must have died so many times if a million people called the line.

7. 1 (216) 333 1810: USA

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Will you hear a daughter pleading with her mother to spare her life when you call 216 333 1810? The story further states that she gets locked in a room, and gunshot sounds fill the back end. Well, a popular rock band used this tactic to get the world's attention. Call it now to find out the truth once and for all.

8. 1 (201) 404 2404: USA

Promoters of the movie Carrier thought they were brilliant when they set up this contact to market and advertise the film. They never thought of the consequences because this number has severe negative effects on people's minds to date. After calling the number, people received three petrifying messages: a shrieking scream, a ghostly song, and an eerie whisper.

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9. 913 535 6280 or 207 536 8474: USA

Filmmakers turned Stephen King's novel into a blockbuster film named Alamo Drafthouse and implemented the old trick to push it towards supernatural success. These people came up with the scary Pennywise's numbers, and it is still the scariest phone number in 2021.

What is Pennywise's number? People would call the fictional Derry Police Department using 913 535 6280 or 207 536 8474. You would listen to sounds of Pennywise slaughtering a police officer. People dropped the calls with their faces turning red and muscles feeling numb. The phone contacts are still active today for you to text or call.

10. 408 634 2806: USA

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Among the top scary phone numbers 2020 that you should never call is the Red Room Number. It is believed kidnappers will track your location if you call the number or receive its call. They will torture and kill you and then air on the web video footage of your last minutes or days on earth.

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11. 666 666 6666 or 1 (666) 666 66666 or 666: USA

These scary numbers to call were America's ghost numbers. What is a ghost phone? You cannot track the line because it is not assigned to a physical location in the same area.

You will not find their records on your phone bills if you called the lines or their variations. Strangely, they encountered strange things, including dreadful messages and noises. The dumbfounding stories about hell and the devil add flavor to the myths behind these numbers. Generations retell this story endlessly because almost all religions in the world have a devil.

12. 828 756 0109: USA

A male voice makes stentorian noises on the other end. The noise sounds like a binary code, which tempts you to decode the secret death message. There are no known death cases so far from this contact. Experimenting with it might be safe but do not throw precaution to the wind.

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13. 801 820 0263: USA

A man repeatedly counts numbers 1, 3, and 7, followed by someone calling your name, tells you what you are doing and where you are. It seems like he is tracking your phone. Who will not go crazy when they receive such a call?

14. 858 651 5050: USA

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The number no longer works, else you would hear a male and female reciting:

Fishing in a mountain stream is my idea of a good time.
There was water in the caller after the heavy rain.
Smoke poured out of every crack.
Those words were the cue for the actor to leave.

15. 701 347 1936: USA

It is said that this cursed number will kill you within 24 hours of calling it. A man says for 32 seconds , “Votre toast, je peux vous le render.” The sentence is part of a popular French song called Carmen by G.Bizet.

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Do not let these scary phone numbers rob you of your life. Although some stories are true. 98% are plain lies. Technological mishaps make phones release weird noises. Moreover, phone testing in the telecommunications industry is done using real numbers and recorded voices from real humans.

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