Vivian Richards' wife, Miriam Richards: Everything to know about her

Vivian Richards' wife, Miriam Richards: Everything to know about her

Many know Miriam Richards as Isaac Vivian Richards' wife, even though they separated several decades ago. The Antiguan cricketer is considered one of the greatest batsmen ever. He is now retired and a US-dollar multimillionaire. Many believe his marriage ended after a love story about him and an Indian actress made headlines in the late 1980s. This article discloses what happened to Vivian and Miriam Richards' marriage, their children, and more details.

Miriam Richards' ex husband
Miriam Richards' ex-husband, Vivian Richards, is wearing a v-neck short. Photo: @ivivianrichards
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Sir. Isaac Vivian Alexander was a West Indies cricket team member between 1974 and 1991. He competed in 500 matches and scored 17,000 runs. As a result, Viv established himself as one of the world's most feared batters throughout his career. It was at the peak of his career that people knew he was married to Miriam Richards. Viv Richards' wife does not appear in his online images.

Profile summary

Full name Miriam Richards
Famous asSir. Vivian Richards' wife
Nationality Antiguan
Former husbandSir. Vivian Richards
Children2 (a son and a daughter)
Hair color Black
Eye colorBlack

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Who is Miriam Richards?

Miriam Richards is best known as the ex-wife of Isaac Vivian Alexander, a former cricket player from Antigua and Barbuda.

Where does Miriam Richards come from?

Vivian Richards' former wife is believed to come from Antigua and Barbuda.

Miriam Richards' ex husband
Miriam Richards' ex-husband, Vivian Richards, is wearing a black suit. Photo: @ambey.parwatkar
Source: Facebook

What is Miriam Richards' age?

Vivian Richards' wife's date of birth is private information. People only speculate she is in her 50s or 60s.

What does Miriam Richards do for a living?

Information about Miriam Richards' career is not publicly accessible.

Who did Vivian Richards marry?

Vivian Richards' ex-wife is called Miriam Richards. They have two children.

Does Vivian Richards have kids?

Vivian Richards has three children; two with his wife, Miriam, and one with actress Neena Gupta.

Who are Viv Richards' children?

Vivian and Miriam Richards' children are Mali (born in 1985) and Matara (born in 1983). Matara Richards works in Toronto, Canada, as a Consulate General of Antigua and Barbuda, while Mali Richards is a part-owner of an art gallery in Antigua. He tried to play cricket like his dad. Sir. Vivian is also proud of Masaba Gupta, his daughter with Indian actress Neena Gupta. Masaba is an actress and fashion designer in the Bollywood film industry in India.

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viv richards and neena gupta
Sir. Vivian Richards played in Kingston in his final against India in 1983. Photo: @officiallyvivian
Source: Instagram

Who is Vivian Richards' daughter?

Vivian Richards has two daughters, Matara and Masaba, from different mothers. Matara works in Canada, while Masaba works in India.

Is Viv Richards still married?

It is unclear whether Vivian is married or single in 2023. News went around in the late 1980s that Miriam Richards' husband had left her after people learned he had an affair with an actress. After many years, Sir. Vivian Richards opened up about his marriage, saying its ending was tough for his parents. They never expected that because they instilled Christian values in him.

What happened to Vivian and Miriam Richards' marriage?

The public discovered master blaster Vivian Richards was married in the late 1980s when his affair with Bollywood actress Neena Gupta came into the limelight. Neena was a divorcee, a mother of one, and expecting a second baby at that time.

Viv Richards' daughter
Neena Gupta takes a photo with her daughter, Masaba, on Masaba's wedding day. Photo: @neena_gupta
Source: Instagram

How did Neena Gupta meet Viv Richards?

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Viv Richards and Neena Gupta met in Jaipur when she was shooting a film with Vinod Khanna. The queen of Jaipur invited the movie's cast and the West Indies cricket team for dinner.

Did Neena Gupta and Sir Vivian Richards have a relationship?

Neena Gupta shed some light on their relationship in an interview with the Humans of Bombay. The Uunchai actress said she informed Sir. Viv Richards on the phone when she found out she was pregnant.

She loved him and wanted the baby, but the West Indies cricket player did not support her decision. He eventually came around and supported her throughout the pregnancy but refused to leave his wife for her.

Neena Gupta gave birth to her daughter, Masaba Gupta, on November 2, 1989, and raised her daughters single-handedly. Masaba had a strained relationship with her father till the age of 18. Her mum found love again and got married for a second time.

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Vivian Richards' daughter
Vivian Richards takes a photo with his daughter, Masaba, on Masaba's wedding day. Photo: @masabagupta
Source: Instagram

Who was Neena Gupta married to?

Neena Gupta was married to Amlan Kusum Ghose. She said they married secretly in 1977 because her parents did not want her to marry young. He was a student at IIT in Mumbai, and she was in a college in Punjabi.

The couple parted ways in 1978. Neena moved to Mumbai, where she became a movie star. She said she met her ex-spouse in Bombay about two or three decades later. The two talked about their daughter and her parents without hard feelings.

Who is Neena Gupta's husband now?

Actress Neena Gupta's husband, Vivek Mehra, is a chartered accountant. Being with him was initially challenging for her to accept Vivek because he had a wife and two children. The two eventually tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2008. The couple currently lives in Delhi, India.

Is Vivian Richards in contact with Masaba Gupta?

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Vivian is in touch with his daughter, Masaba, but not with her mother, Neena Gupta. She was delighted to have her family attend her wedding with Satyadeep Misra on January 27, 2023. Mirriam Richards could not be spotted in the pictures Neena and Masaba shared on Instagram.

Neena Gupta and Vivek Mehra's daughter's wedding
Neena Gupta and Vivek Mehra are sitting next to Viv Richards. Viv is standing close to Masaba and Satyadeep Misra. Satyadeep is standing next to his mum and sister. Photo: @neena_gupta
Source: Instagram

How old is Vivian Richards?

The former Antigua cricketer turned 71 on March 7, 2023. He was born in 1952 in Antigua to Malcolm and Gretel Richards. Both of them are deceased.

His father was assistant governor of the prison while his mum was a homemaker. Vivian grew up in a Christian home in Antigua alongside his three siblings. He attended the St. John's Boys School and then transferred to the Antigua Grammar School.

Vivian learned cricket from his father. He left school aged 18, worked at a bar and restaurant in St. John's, then joined St. John's Cricket Club. Viv also trained with the Rising Sun Cricket Club before his first-class debut in January 1972 at age 19.

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Why is Vivian Richards famous?

Vivian Richards was a prolific cricket run-scorer at the Test level, with 8,540 runs from 121 appearances. The batter was so loyal to his team that he turned down a blank check offer to play for the West Indies rebel team in South Africa during Apartheid.

Neena Gupta's daughter
Masaba Gupta and Satyadeep Misra wearing Indian attires on their wedding day. Photo: @masabagupta
Source: Instagram

After retirement, Viv briefly worked as a BBC analyst and was the brand ambassador for the Lanka Premier League (LPL) in 2022. The veteran player serves as a tourism advocate for Antigua, where he lives.

Is Viv Richards rich?

King Viv, as many cricket fans call him, is worth around $20 million. On the hand, Miriam Richards' net worth cannot be quantified. The public does not know what she does for a living.

Facts about Miriam Richards

  • Miriam Richards stays in Jamaica, West Indies.
  • She has avoided the spotlight and the media since her divorce from Vivian.
  • Vivian Richards' ex-wife is not on social media.
  • None of Miriam Richards' pictures are online.

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Miriam Richards, Neena Gupta, and Sir. Vivian Richards taught their children to love and respect each other. Vivian taught them to look beyond every creed, color, or race because they are all humans. Anyone who ignores or undermines those values is not regarded as a member of the Richards family. shared an article about Chris Rock's siblings. Chris is a famous American stand-up comedian, actor, and filmmaker.

The comedian comes from a big family and is the eldest child. He has six brothers and a sister. Three of his brothers, Tony, Kenny, and Jordan, are also in the entertainment business.

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