When is Easter 2022 in SA and how can you celebrate it?

When is Easter 2022 in SA and how can you celebrate it?

COVID-19 brought many unprecedented changes and forced people to celebrate Easter 2021 indoors. Many looked forward to Easter 2022, hoping things would be different. This year's Easter will be celebrated differently from last year.

Easter 2022
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Life has given humans another opportunity to engage in fun activities that will help them rediscover themselves and bond with their families, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

Easter 2022 in South Africa

The Catholic Church celebrates the Eastertide season for 50 days, from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. Each Sunday of the season is considered a Sunday of Easter, and the occasion is summed up into a single joyful feast, the Great Lord's Day.

When is Easter celebrated in South Africa?

Easter should grant you a long weekend, but most Mzansi businesses will follow the regular opening hours. Regardless, people will not ignore the celebrations.

Good Friday falls on 15th April, Easter Sunday on 17th April, and Easter Monday 2022 on 18th April.

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How to celebrate Easter 2022

Here are some fun activities to engage in during Easter when you get time:

1. Make a meal and eat together

Cooking together sounds like a cliché, but trying a new recipe can spice up things at home. It can also help you learn about the strengths and liking of your fellow family members. If you are distances apart, do this via a video call to kill the loneliness and create unforgettable memories.

2. Tour the waterparks

Make some splash at a few of South Africa's amazing waterparks. They are the ultimate places for your children, friends, or colleagues to have fun. Dive into another world and forget life's reality for a few hours.

3. Play games

Easter 2022
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Another brilliant idea for having a fascinating Easter 2022 weekend is playing virtual games. Pick educative and engaging games like scrabble, jigsaw puzzles, monopoly, etc.

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4. Have fun at the heritage sites

Believe it or not, touring heritage sites is fun, especially the specialty museums that welcome visitors daily. The South African heritage sites specialize in unique exhibits that appeal to people with different tastes.

5. Watch a movie together

If you have high-speed internet, stream educative movies for the weekend. Your children will love Easter movies and films about Bible stories.

6. Create a playlist to listen to

The music lovers in your family will love to listen to trending music that sparks into the atmosphere. Dance to your hearts' content and have small prizes for the winners such as a packet of chocolates.

7. Engage in a craft competition

Make Easter 2022's weekend an adventure by engaging in crafts work to your leisure activities. For example, decorate Easter eggs, mould pots, and draw on canvases.

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8. Read educational material about Easter

Read Easter literature or the Bible to learn more about the reason for the season. After that, have a short question and answer session towards the end to test your children's understanding of Easter.

Easter 2022
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9. Make a trip to an art gallery

Those who have a passion for art notice things that others won't see. Visiting art galleries gives you a glimpse into the inside process of art-making. It is meditative and fun because art galleries often restore this incredible sense of calm and wholeness.

10. Play and relax at the beach

If the weather is conducive, why not have a great time at the beach? Being near the beach improves well-being and promotes better health because the environment relaxes the mind, decreases stress levels and boosts the production of endorphins or the "happy hormones".

What do we celebrate on the Easter holiday?

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The season marks the culmination of the Passion of Jesus that comes after Lent. It is marked to commemorate the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Is the stock market closed on Good Friday and Easter 2022?

The stock market will close on Good Friday, 15th April, and resume on Monday, 18th April, because investors will take a three-day (or three-and-a-half-day) holiday weekend.

Why does the date of Easter change every year?

Easter dates change regularly because the days the Paschal full moon appears vary with the time zones. The occasion can be in March in one year and April in another.

Look for new experiences during the Easter 2022 weekend. There are many mesmerizing activities to engage in. Some of these activities do not need money, and you can always cost-share with family or friends.

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Briefly.co.za also published happy Easter messages. Are you ready to join other Christians during this celebratory season?

Sharing a simple message like, "Happy Easter to my favourite client. I send promotional offers to you to cater specifically for this Easter. I hope you use them to make the ritual of this holiday more memorable," will keep your business flourishing for months after Easter.

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