Sacred Relationship teasers for May 2021: Mishti returns to India and marries Nannu

Sacred Relationship teasers for May 2021: Mishti returns to India and marries Nannu

In Sacred Relationship teasers for May 2021, Mishti relocates to London after her embarrassing pre-wedding. Everyone is surprised and impressed by the new her when she returns to India. Does Mishti know that Abir broke off their engagement to protect her from Meenakshi? Will Meenakshi have the guts to face the transformed Mishti?

Sacred Relationship teasers
Sacred Relationship teasers for May 2021. Photo: @LetloveandLaugh
Source: Twitter

Abir has a challenging task in front of him. Convincing Mishti into believing why he hurt her will not be easy. Moreover, he has a new rival to conquer. Nannu, the man Mishti returned with from London, wants to marry her. Will he stop Nannu from marrying Mishti and taking her back to London?

May 2021 Sacred Relationship teasers

Star Life has slight program changes. Sacred Relationships will start airing at 21h00 and 21h30 from Mondays to Sundays instead of 19h00 and 19h30. Star Life is available on DStv's Channel 167, Openview's Channel 110, and GOtv's Channel 23.

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Saturday – 1st May 2021

Episode 170

Kunal's reaction about Abir's marriage worries Mehul, and learning the truth about Mehul plunges Mishti into confusion.

Episode 171

Mishti tries to contact Abir in vain because he and Kunal are busy with their dance performance. Mehul sends Mishti startling text messages about Abir.

Sunday – 2nd May 2021

Episode 172

Mehul holds Mishti hostage in a hut and threatens her when he learns that she wants to tell the entire family his secrets. He later blackmails Abir into signing vital legal documents.

Monday – 3rd May 2021

Episode 173

Mishti makes a deal with Meenakshi to expose Mehul after setting herself free from the hut. Nidhi requests Kunal to perform a ritual during the upcoming Gordhana ceremony for Mishti and Abir.

Episode 174

Kuhu and Mishti stop Mehul from leaving to give Meenakshi enough time to bring him down. The family celebrates Abir and Mishti's Gordhana ceremony later.

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Tuesday – 4th May 2021

Episode 175

Mehul threatens to murder Meenakshi because she does not want to give him her property. Mehul makes a fool out of Abir, and Kunal receives dreadful information from a creepy phone call.

Sacred Relationship teasers
Sacred Relationship teasers for May 2021. Photo:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 176

Abir plans to make Mehul confess his atrocities, and the cops arrive at the mansion to arrest him. Mehul senses danger and makes an unexpected move that saves him from going to jail.

Wednesday – 5th May 2021

Episode 177

Kunal and Abir's unbreakable bond delights Parul and Meenakshi. While Jasmeet holds Mishti in high esteem, Meenakshi is disappointed in Abir for choosing to marry Mishti.

Episode 178

Meenakshi deceives Abir and makes demands that are challenging for him to fulfil. She is getting back at him for telling Mishti shocking secrets about her.

Thursday – 6th May 2021

Episode 179

Meenakshi creates a fracas between Abir and the woman he loves, hoping he will change his mind about marrying her. Abir is taken aback when he discovers Kunal's birth mother is Parul.

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Episode 180

Meenakshi gives Abir unpleasant conditions that put him at a crossroad. Kuhu pleads with Kunal to put in more effort towards saving their marriage.

Friday – 7th May 2021

Episode 181

Abir's heart is heavy throughout the pre-wedding rituals. However, no one notices his sadness until he bursts out in anger. His strange behaviour shocks everyone attending the event, including his bride, Mishti.

Episode 182

Kunal confronts Abir to talk about Mishti. Later, Abir's words about his marriage cut through Mishti's heart like a sharp knife.

Saturday – 8th May 2021

Episode 183

Mishti's family comforts her as she cries over her broken relationship with Abir. He informs Meenakshi he no longer wants to marry Mishti, and Vishambar sends Mishti abroad to cool off her head.

Sacred Relationship teasers
The love birds exploring a dark forest. Photo: @mishbirfanclub
Source: Twitter

Episode 184

The Rajvaanshs’ eagerly wait for Neha’s arrival at Abir’s wedding. During the sangeet preparations, Neha takes Abir to a private place and confesses some secrets.

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Sunday – 9th May 2021

Episode 185

Kunal stops Kuhu from making a big mistake. Everyone applauds Abir and his family’s presentation. He coincidentally boards the same bus Mishti is riding on later, unaware that Mishti is back in India.

Episode 186

Abir visits the same cafe Mishti is meeting Anaya. Her new looks and poise stun everyone at the restaurant.

Monday – 10th May 2021

Episode 187

Abir and his friends video call Kunal to inquire about the Maheshwari’s event. Kunal argues with Kuhu and storms out of the party.

Episode 188

Abir writes in his diary that he misses Mishti and goes out to meet Nannu later. Elsewhere, Kunal receives a breathtaking surprise.

Tuesday – 11th May 2021

Episode 189

Abir’s heart shatters when he spots Nannu and Mishti enjoying each other’s company. He later discovers some shocking truth about them while trying to rescue Mishti from drowning.

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Episode 190

Kunal and Abir eavesdrop on Nannu and Mishti’s conversation while Varsha spies on Jasmeet. Kunal loses his temper and insults Mishti during a business meeting.

Sacred Relationship teasers
Abir giving Mishti flowers. Photo: @mishbirfanclub
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Wednesday – 12th May 2021

Episode 191

Mishti recalls she made a secret deal with Nannu while they were in London. She requests something from Abir, which leaves him shocked, and Kuhu is done tolerating Kunal’s mistreatment towards her.

Episode 192

Abir discovers starling information on Meenakshi's laptop and destroys the device to prevent her from learning the truth. Nannu distracts Kunal to enable Abir and Mishti to spend time together.

Thursday – 13th May 2021

Episode 193

Abir gets upset and jealous upon seeing Nannu flirting with Mishti. Nannu prepares a surprise for Mishti on her birthday. Meanwhile, shocking things happen during Abir and Kunal’s offsite trip.

Episode 194

Meenakshi arrives at Mishti’s birthday party to look for Abir and finds him intoxicated with liquor. Abir drank excess alcohol because he could not stand watching Nannu and Mishti dance together.

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Friday – 14th May 2021

Episode 195

Abir confesses his love for Mishti to Kunal and Meenakshi while he is still in a drunken state. Meenakshi requests Nannu not to take the drunk man's words seriously, and Mishti goes missing later.

Episode 196

Kuhu faints at the party, and Kunal feels guilty when Nannu inquires about her. Meanwhile, Abir and Mishti’s lives are in danger. They are stuck in a deep hole in the middle of a burning forest.

Saturday – 15th May 2021

Episode 197

Abir confesses his feelings to Mishti while they are still in the pit, and she hurts herself while trying to save him.

Episode 198

Abir worries about Mishti’s health when he learns that she is having breathing challenges. Kuhu leaves the hospital in tears while Meenakshi comforts Kunal.

Sacred Relationship teasers
Sacred Relationship teasers for May 2021. Photo:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Sunday – 16th May 2021

Episode 199

Kunal's apologies interrupt Abir when he is about to reveal who he loves to the entire family. Elsewhere, Meenakshi discovers some disturbing facts.

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Episode 200

Mishti hides information on her getting into an accident from the family, and the Maheshwari family plans another birthday party for her. Meenakshi assigns Kunal a secret task.

Monday – 17th May 2021

Episode 201

Mishti continues to hide the truth when Vishambar questions her about the accident. Abir plans to give her a romantic surprise later.

Episode 202

Kunal worries when Kuhu informs her that Nishant is experiencing seizures. Mishti’s actions leave Kunal speechless while Abir and Parul make a firm decision.

Tuesday – 18th May 2021

Episode 203

Kunal comforts Abir to talk about his birth mother, and Mishti acknowledges she made a mistake. Kunal’s life is on the line after getting into an accident.

Episode 204

Kunal is in denial after discovering who his birth mother is, and Mishti gets emotional when she finds her missing locket. Abir understands how she feels.

Wednesday – 19th May 2021

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Episode 205

Abir and Mishti’s fight shocks the Maheshwaris, and Meenakshi plans to get back at Kunal and Kuhu after overhearing their conversation.

Sacred Relationship teasers
Sacred Relationship teasers for May 2021. Photo:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 206

Meenakshi receives a blood-curdling dream, and Nannu swears never to help the devastated Mishti. Meenakshi asks Vishambar for an unusual favour.

Thursday – 20th May 2021

Episode 207

Kunal and Kuhu share an emotional bonding time. Vishambar tells Nannu the truth while the Raajvanshs are singing to Kunal to make him feel better.

Episode 208

Meenakshi’s proposal stuns the Maheshwaris, and Vishambar wants Nannu to marry Mishti as soon as possible. The bride-to-be overhears a disturbing conversation.

Friday – 21st May 2021

Episode 209

Meenakshi warns Mishti, and Nannu asks Rajshri tough questions. Mishti breaks Abir's heart.

Episode 210

Abir apologises to Mishti and reveals he still loves her. Vishambar organises a Tilak between her and Nannu, and Mishti writes a letter to Abir.

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Saturday – 22nd May 2021

Episode 211

Abir reads Mishti’s letter, and she anxiously waits for his reply. However, Meenakshi creates a fight between them.

Episode 212

Abir tears Mishti’s letter and insults her. She makes a promise to herself after receiving jewellery gifts from Nannu’s mother.

Sunday – 23rd May 2021

Episode 213

Abir arrives at the Maheshwari family mansion with Kuhu. He learns about Mishti and Nannu’s engagement from them, and the outraged Mishti throws him out of the house.

Sacred Relationship teasers
The man is in deep thoughts. Photo: @DARK_EZIO_LIGHT
Source: Twitter

Episode 214

Kuhu confronts Abir for scolding Mishti because she met Parul. Abir discovers shocking facts about the party.

Monday – 24th May 2021

Episode 215

Kunal learns the truth while Mishti and Nannu take a compatibility test in front of their loved ones. The furious Abir announces shameful things about Kunal.

Episode 216

Someone slaps Kunal, and he realises his mistake later when Parul explains the truth to him. Kunal sides with Abir after receiving a chilling phone call.

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Tuesday – 25th May 2021

Episode 217

The Maheshwaris are shocked when Abir attends Mishti and Nannu’s ring ceremony. He later recalls his engagement with her.

Episode 218

Mishti respectfully requests Abir to leave her house. He confides in Kuhu that he will win back Mishti’s heart later, and Yashpal bars everyone from helping Meenakshi.

Wednesday – 26th May 2021

Episode 219

Kuhu tries to help Mishti meet Abir late at night. Nannu notices that his bride is not in her room, and the police arrive to arrest Parul.

Episode 220

Meenakshi gives Abir an ultimatum after the cops detain Parul. Kuhu overhears Kunal pursuing Meenakshi to change her mind.

Thursday – 27th May 2021

Episode 221

Abir attends the Maheshawris' party disguised as someone else and confronts Mishti. Meanwhile, Meenakhsi’s selfish intentions disgust Parul.

Sacred Relationship teasers
Mishti dancing at a party with the love of her life. Photo: @DARK_EZIO_LIGHT
Source: Twitter

Episode 222

Abir tricks Parul while Meenakshi makes a spine-chilling announcement. Vishambar rebukes Mishti for meeting Abir in secret.

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Friday – 28th May 2021

Episode 223

Meenakshi gives Nannu some shocking information. Abir ruins Mishti’s Mehendi ceremony and saves her life later.

Episode 224

Abir and Nannu fight over Mishti, and people force her to choose one of them. Her decision takes them by surprise.

Saturday – 29th May 2021

Episode 225

Mishti and Abir bump into one another at the temple, and he makes a final decision about her afterwards. Meanwhile, Nannu decides to solve his issues with her privately.

Episode 226

Tension grows at the Mahesharis as they continue with their celebrations and Meenakshi offers Nannu her support. Abir tells the truth and attempts to win Mishti’s love for the last time.

Sunday – 30th May 2021

Episode 227

Abir vows to stop the woman he loves from marrying Nannu, and Meenakshi meets Nannu secretly. Abirs shocks the Maheshwaris when he shows up at Mishti’s Mehendi ceremony.

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Episode 228

Nannu takes Meenakshi’s advice regarding how to separate Mishti and Abir for good. Mishti sends Abir an unbelievable response when she asks her to elope with him.

Sacred Relationship teasers
Mishti lying on the hospital bed with the man she loves sitting beside her. Photo: @mishti_xx
Source: Twitter

Monday – 31st May 2021

Episode 229

Abir and Nannu fight at the hospital because he tries to expose Nannu’s dark past. Abir gets into an accident while rushing to meet Mishti.

Episode 230

Nannu decides to move back to London with Mishti. While Meenakshi interrogates Nannu about Abri’s whereabouts, Mishti makes a shocking request to Rajshri.


Vishambar sent her to live abroad after Abir refused to marry her. She divorces Nannu and supports his decision to marry Mishti. Moreover, Vishambar scolds the bride-to-be for sneaking out of the house to meet Abir at night when wedding plans are in progress. Nannu notices she is not in her room on the night she snuck out. Luckily, he does not look for her. The police interrupt him when they arrive to arrest Perul.

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Meenakshi and Nannu team up to separate him from Mishti for good. However, fate keeps pulling Abir and Mishti closer. They coincidentally board the same bus and visit the same café on the first day Mishti returns to India. Later, they save each other when they get trapped in a pit inside a burning forest.

Did you love what Sacred Relationship teasers for May 2021 had in store for you? You will love the show more when you witness how Abir outsmarts everyone who is against him, reuniting with the love of his life.

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