100 dumbest questions to ask people and some funny responses

100 dumbest questions to ask people and some funny responses

Social question and answer (Q&A) sites are popular because of the quick responses of many community members. Furthermore, some people are out to have fun on these sites rather than asking sensible questions or providing community members with meaningful answers to their inquiries. What are the dumbest questions and responses on popular Q&A sites?

dumbest questions
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If you need these sites for research or to look for quick hacks when you are stuck in a situation, there is a high chance you will forget the goal and spend a few hours laughing at the funniest dumbest questions. For example, one of the popular dumbest questions Reddit is, "what is a nonsense question?". People rarely get offended by the harsh reply because they are aware that they post dumb questions.

Dumbest questions ever asked

Ask dumbest questions that make you think on Reddit or Yahoo Answers. Watch people turn it into an exciting conversation that might go on for hours.

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1. If animals could talk, which species would be the rudest of them all?

How should you respond to this question? The person must have been in deep thoughts for days. Well, animals might never talk until the end of the world, so no one will even know which one is the rudest.

2. Would you rather own a horse the size of a cat or a cat the size of a horse?

Would it not be scary to have the sizes of horses and cats interchanged? The best reaction is to shut up or laugh it off because there is no way you will have a horse looking like a cat and vice versa.

3. Are there birds in Canada?

Canadians were almost choked with laughter when someone asked:

I'm thinking of visiting and might bring my camera, so I'm curious to know if they have any birds. I know they have moose.

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5. Should I tell my parents I'm adopted?

You cannot tell your birth parents that you are adopted. However, it makes sense if you find out that you were adopted and would love to inform your parents that you know the truth.

6. What happens if you paint your teeth white with nail polish?

Keep an eye on what the children are learning. One of them observed a cousin maintaining her white teeth using cosmetic teeth paint and assumed it was nail polish.

dumbest questions
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7. Do you think N.A.S.A. invented thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space battles?

The person must be inquisitive and a great observer to think N.A.S.A. invented thunderstorms. He or she might become one of the most outstanding N.A.S.A. scientists ever.

8. Has Donald Trump lead people back to Christ?

Someone quoted Bible scriptures and asked whether Trump was helping people get closer to Christ. It took a few seconds for people to send hilarious responses. One said:

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No. Why would he? I voted for Trump to be President, not Pope!

The other person replied:

Not me, but that would be a good thing.

9. Why does the coronavirus hate us? What have we done to upset it so much?

The world is tired of this pandemic and wishes it ends soon. A concerned person thought the virus is here for vengeance. The other community member's response was funny but sensible:

People don't wear masks, and some people think it's a hoax. It's just doing its job. Natural selection will wipe all those idiots off the face of the Earth. Just give it time. Let COVID-19 do its work and stay safe

10. Does eating hot dogs change your voice?

Although Yahoo Answers does not allow under-18 users, a child must have used an adult's account to ask this question and an adult playing around responded:

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Yes. I ate one hot dog, and I accidentally found myself going through a gender reassignment surgery. Don't know how this is possible, but yes.

Another person added:

No, it just makes you lift your leg as you go past a fire hydrant or tree. It could also change your sexual habits, especially with dogs.

11. Would Jesus be a Republican?

If you are deep into politics and religion, what would be your take on this? Well, an anonymous person had the best answer to express themselves opinion about the Republicans:

Jesus said, "feed to hungry, clothe the naked." Not a Republican attribute.

12. What do you think of the name Ocean for a boy?

People did not believe it was a great idea to name a baby boy "Ocean" when there are plenty of names to choose from. Someone came up with better ideas:

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Stick with river, creek, or lake.
dumbest questions
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13. Are girls from southern California plastic?

The person was irritated by fake women. Another man who did not mind being around women with fake personalities replied:

Well, it better be recycled plastic if they are.

14. What happens if you do not show up to an interview?

The young man wanted to test the potential employer's reaction by not attending the interview, but people gave him sound advice.

Just curious, guys. What happens if you don't show up to a scheduled job interview? Does the company go to other companies and tell them this is what you for them to be forewarned etc., or is just pretty much just the company and all other stores? Thanks for all answers.

Rick answered:

Just call the next person on the list and ask if they can come in early and shred the file on the no-show.

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15. If the world is going to end, do you buy, sell, or hold stocks?

The anonymous person was asking for a friend. Someone jolted the person to reality with this response:

If the world is going to end, what difference does it make?

16. Why do some people want to involve themselves so much in my life?

Ranting on a social site to get opinions from strangers is not the worst idea, especially if you complain about people meddling in your affairs. The person had enough putting up with roommates pocking their noses in their affairs.

I'm happy with my job and going to Uni in September. Other people say I need to get another job or claim benefits then do a CSCS course.

The person went on:

No, these are my housemates. Imagine working from 7 am to about 10 pm. I'd go outside for a beer and cig, and they'd all come out telling me I should. I want to be left alone. I learned by just agreeing with them like, "Yeah, I will, yes, that's a good idea." It works, but uhh, it gets frustrating.

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D.E.B.S stopped the person from ranting even more by typing:

And you find no irony in the fact that you're asking random people on the internet to comment on your life?
dumbest questions
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17. I need a clever comeback to my grandson's "peepee head" insult?

A grandparent's revenge on his child seemed petty:

My grandson called me a "peepee head" yesterday, and it has been bothering me since. I am very angry. I need something clever to say to hit him back hard, maybe make him cry. Thank you!

An anonymous person noted the pettiness and made it clear that the grandparent was acting like an adolescent:

For safety reasons, children under the age of 13 are not permitted to ask or answer Yahoo Answers questions.

18. Is my smartphone, my smart TV, or my computer watching me?

Someone was alarmed by spies hacking his/her digital gadgets. Keegan thought of scaring the hell out of the person by typing:

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They even watch people who change their clothes.

Someone else explained it better:

Yes, smartphones can spy on you. It is called hacking, another use can turn your camera on, and you don't realize it. Apple a few years ago had hackers who could watch you via smartphones.

19. Can I make a personal PS5?

The PS5 fan tabled a few ideas on how he hoped to go about this:

Yeah, you know I want that new PlayStation that everyone's talking about, but it's hard to find at that store. My boy Barry says that there's a special I can buy to combine the power from a PS2 and a PS3 so that it is powerful enough to play those PS5 games. I'm not worried about hooking that cable up because you know I'm an electrician, but where can I buy that cable?

Robsteriark wrote this funny joke in the form of a piece of advice:

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There are only two ways you can make a PS5 for yourself. Buy Sony Corporation or one of the companies which have contracts with Sony to manufacture PS5s to make one for you.
Top 20 dumbest questions and responses on popular Q&A sites
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20. Do rainbows exist in North Korea?

The person was curious to know whether rainbows exist in North Korea or not. Isuckatpuzzles responded:

No, because the dictator banned them.

Join millions of community members on popular Q&A sites today. Post and laugh at the dumbest questions and responses with them. There are many dumb questions asked on Google online that will make you happy all day long. You only need a digital gadget and cheap data bundles.

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