List of countries with the strongest and weakest military in Africa 2020

List of countries with the strongest and weakest military in Africa 2020

Reliable armed forces' power is necessary for any progressive state seeking to protect its borders and interests. Most African nations are now on the spot for their disciplined army, with only a few lagging. Overall, looking at the strongest and weakest military in Africa 2020, the continent is doing well against world superpowers.

strongest and weakest military in Africa
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The Global Fire Power, abbreviated as GFP, is a lead source of information relating to military forces. Interesting findings from the organization reveals that Africa is a hotspot of power in the modern world. GFP concluded on this fact after assessing 138 nations, among them 24 from Africa. News about the strongest military in Africa 2020 continues to challenge everything we have always known about the continent.

Strongest and weakest military in Africa 2020

Which are the strongest and weakest military in Africa? Africa had some great warriors in the past. Today, military ranking takes in a series of criteria to make sure only the best make it up on the list. While there are several methods involved in determining armed forces success and strength, the following are famous in making a conclusion:

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  • The number of jet fighters
  • Presence of a powerful naval force
  • Flexibility when it comes to logistics
  • Availability of fuel for military operations
  • The number of members serving in the army unit
  • Resources going into defence from national budgetary

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Top 10 strongest military in Africa

List of countries with the strongest and weakest troops
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Which country has the strongest military in Africa? The pride of Africa does not stop with the presence of natural resources, but also includes the dynamic nature of armed forces. These respectable troops are the reason why the continent no longer welcomes exploiters as it was the case years back.

1. Egypt (rank: 9)

Egypt forces
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Which army is strong in Africa? Which country is the super power in Africa? Egypt is the answer in both cases. The state leads in the broader African continent with unfailing troops. The fact that Egypt has an estimated population of 99 million and over 920,000 army members confirms its defensiveness. Even better, this nation has a power index of 0.1872.

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2. Algeria (rank: 28)

List of countries with the strongest and weakest militarY
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This western African state has a good population military ratio of about 0.7%. Its band of 280,000 military members demonstrates power and tact in military operations. GFP estimates its power index at 0.4659.

3. South Africa (rank: 28)

strongest and weakest troops
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The rainbow nation comes third and immediately after Algeria with a strong army of national defenders. Having 81,300 military personnel in a country with 55 million citizens is satisfactory. It has a power index of 0.4985.

4. Nigeria (rank: 42)

Nigeria forces
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Perhaps you have already heard about the legacy of the Nigerian military and the excellent training that members receive. The country has over 120,000 military personnel protecting over 203,450,000 inhabitants. A military ratio of 0.1 per cent is pretty much reasonable for a country with such a staggering population. The latest Nigerian power index stands at 0.6485.

5. Angola (rank: 56)

Angola army
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Angola military has been doing well for years now. Recent findings reveal that there are over 107,000 military members in a nation with 30 million citizens. The Angola power index is now at 0.8379.

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6. Morocco (rank: 56)

Morocco army
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At the far right and upper corner of the continent is Morocco, with a good reputation of organized troops. The country has a power index of 0.8408, 34 million residents, and half a million military members. These stats pull their military ratio to about 1.5 per cent.

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7. Ethiopia (rank: 60)

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To the west of Somalia and north of Kenya is Ethiopia. Other than having curvy women, the country stands out as the only one that overcame colonial masters, thanks to its strong military. Ethiopia has more than 162,000 perfectly trained arm men with a power index of 0.8581.

8. DR Congo (rank: 71)

weakest troops
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At number 71 is DRC with a power index of 1.1389. The country lies at the heart of Africa, with a population of 84 million. DRC military strength comprises about 150,000 actively serving military members.

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9. Sudan (rank: 76)

Sudan army
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Annual GFP review places Sudan in the 76th position against 138 others considered in the ranking. Sudan has a power index rating of 1.3017, which is impressive.

10. Libya (rank: 80)

List of countries with the strongest and weakest
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Oil-enriched Libya deserves its place as Africa’s most defensive nation. Libya has a power index of 1.3696. The country is way ahead because of its reliable naval forces, the endowment of natural resources, and the mobility of troops.

More of the strongest armies in Africa on GFP ranking:

  • Tunisia: 81
  • Kenya: 84
  • Uganda: 86
  • Chad: 87
  • Zambia: 88
  • Zimbabwe: 91
  • Mali: 96
  • Burkina Faso: 97
  • Cameroon: 101
  • Niger: 103
  • Côte d’Ivoire: 104
  • Ghana: 106
  • Botswana: 108
  • Tanzania: 109
  • Mozambique: 116
strongest troops
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10 weakest military in Africa

What is the weakest country in Africa? Liberia comes last after Somalia in the GFP 2020 list, having the lowest power index scores. Even with the good reputations of the continent's armed forces strength, it is clear that some countries are yet to stabilize their troops and defence operations.

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Which country has the weakest military? Some of the weakest military in Africa 2020 are those with the lowest allocation of resource to their defensive personnel. Here are the last 10 with their overall positions and power index, starting with the weakest military in Africa.

  1. Liberia: 137- 5.5737
  2. Somalia: 136- 4.6404
  3. Sierra Leone: 134- 4.2063
  4. Gabon: 130- 3.3736
  5. Central African Republic: 129- 3.2889
  6. Namibia: 128- 3.2817
  7. Madagascar: 125- 3.0869
  8. Mauritania: 124- 3.0477
  9. Republic of the Congo: 121- 2.9509
  10. South Sudan: 117- 2.3501
most weakest military in Africa
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African nations rank highly alongside other world powers and armed forces organizations. While Egypt leads in the GFP list, Liberia comes last because of its less dynamic troops. Overall, both the strongest and weakest military in Africa share good power index scores.

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